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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The football honor roll

It's been a light day on the beat (thank goodness) so let's finish it with some bright news.

The SEC released its list of fall honor roll students. You know, for the players that go to class, study real hard and generally do what I didn't do in college: get good grades.

Georgia had 47 students on the list, the second-most of any school, and most of them were football players. Here they are, including some recognizable names:

Cameron Allen, biological engineering
John Bodin, anthropology
Taylor Bradberry, exercise & sport science
Brian Brewer, exercise & sport Science
Chris Burnette, finance
Drew Butler, telecommunication arts
Shaun Chapas, marketing
Orson Charles, agricultural engineering
Matthew DeGenova, finance
Kris Durham, middle school education
Reuben Faloughi, psychology
Ty Frix, biological engineering
Ben Jones, health & physical education
Jeremy Longo, housing
Arthur Lynch, health & physical education
Aaron Murray, psychology
Josh Murray, management
Ben Reynolds, biology
Derek Rich, finance
Blake Sailors, consumer sconomics
Joshua Sailors, biology
Wesley Van Dyk, management
Jason Veal, finance
Aron White, management
Charles White, management


JasonC said...

Apparently our strength at TE doesn't just apply to the field.

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...

This shows 25 football players, with the majority of them on scholarship, on the SEC Academic Honor Roll.

But I thought CMR had lost control of the team and had a bunch of low lifes that spent more time in holding hall than study hall ...

Shoaib Ashraf said...

Glad to see Terry College represent on the football field

Russ said...

Biological and Agricultural Engineering representin'! Yeah!

(from a proud Agricultural Engineering grad)