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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Call for the mailbag

It’s time for another in our (tepidly) popular segment, the ol’ mailbag. As has become our custom, please post your questions below, or email me at, or tweet at me, or stop me later this morning while I’m working out – actually don’t do that, please.

Things you should feel free to ask me about:

- Georgia football, men’s basketball and other sports.
- Geopolitics.
- What was the most recent movie I attended, and did Natalie Portman do anything very strange in it.

Things NOT to ask me about:

- The Carmelo Anthony trade. Pretty sure we're all sick of that.
- The standoff in Wisconsin. I can’t really figure out what’s going on there.
- How to get a good rental car. After my experience this weekend – when I got a car with a seat that has left me with intense back pain – you can chalk up another subject I’m not an expert on.

Otherwise, go crazy. If you can, please keep your queries to a reasonable length. And once there are enough questions – and hopefully no breaking news, or non-news that still breaks (cough, cough, sprained ankle, cough) - I’ll post the mailbag later today.

Fire away.


matt b. said...

What is your position on the role of government in supporting innovation in the field of biotechnology?

zachd said...

hey seth. have you seen these back up quarterbacks and their trick throws videos? what trick throws do you think murray does (on two good ankles) that these guys couldn't besides throwing touchdowns on saturdays?

Steve said...

How much should I spend on an engagement ring? My girlfriend's friends were kind enough to pick out a 1-karat diamond. This seems unfair to me.

Also, let's be overly optimistic for once. Pretend Georgia wins out, then wins a game or two in the SEC tournament. What's the highest NCAA seed we could be looking at?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to a hockey game between two teams I despise wildly and equally. What do I do during a goal? Stand up a cheer wildly that one team is now losing? or death glare the ice until my fury melts the ice? What about when the game is tied? I'm so confused. Normally I'd wish for some crazy act of mother nature, but being that I will be in attendance that creates quite the conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

A big congrats to the softball team, which is #1 for the first time in school history. With back to back final four finishes in the women's college world series, when do you think UGA will become a Softball school? Seriously though, these girls are really good. Also, your thoughts on the idea that closing the Economic and social gaps between the West and the Global South in the future will make it impossible for the United States to hold it's current status in global politics. Does this create a disincentive to encourage growth in emerging economies with regard to our future political strength?

BrewDawg said...

Why does the Red and Black suck so much? From a professional journalist's perspective, how amateur was their report that Aaron broke his ankle? How much do you and your colleagues look down on a reporter when he pulls something like that?

stevo said...

Do you think Leslie and Thompkins will some back for their senior seasons? Would one more year in college really help develop them for the NBA? I just think if they go, we will never hear from them again.

Souletrain said...

When is the last time UGA football has had more wins than arrest in a single year, and is that the measuring stick in which to determine Richt's job security for 2012?
Also, was I gramitcally correct in my use of the word "than" in the above question, or should I have used "then"?

Anonymous said...


There hasn't been much said about Ken Malcome and how much he could possibly contribute to the running game. Is he just not that great of a running back, or are the others just that much better?

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with Washaun Ealey? Is he back in the good graces of the program yet?

Anonymous said...

Why does our non-profit Athletic Association brag so much about the fact that it is so consistently profitable? Also, do you agree with the recent decisions to limit the amount of charter and non-charter flights for non-revenue producing sports? It seems to me that long bus rides and late nights on the road will lead to our student-athletes experiencing both an academic and athletic disadvantage? I know for a fact that Florida is putting a lot of money back into their sports in this way and others like it, and they seem to do pretty well across the board with regard to success on the field.

Anonymous said...

Question: What kind of bear is best?

Anonymous said...

If you were to start a sitcom, would you bank on your main character as someone from Saturday Night Live or The Daily Show? It seems like almost every NBC comedy now has a person from one of these 2 shows.

Anonymous said...

Seth, check out the nominees for the 2010 AAU Sullivan award. Is Cameron Newton really a finalist for a national award that specifically mentions character and sportsmanship as criteria? Also, people should vote for the Uga fire baton girl instead.