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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Signing Day, Part Deux: John Jenkins becomes a Bulldog

1:10 p.m.: Jenkins picks Georgia

As expected, John Jenkins has opted to become a Bulldog. And Georgia presumably has its starting nose tackle for next season.

Jenkins, who played last year at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community Collegeg is listed at 6-foot-4 and 340 pounds. That's more along the lines of what Todd Grantham is looking for in a classic nose tackle.

In fact it may not be a stretch to say that DeAngelo Tyson, who started every game at nose last year, may be the happiest person in Athens today. Trust me, he will happily move to end next year.

Jenkins - once he sends in the paperwork - will be the 26th signing of Georgia's class. Since the two early enrollees count towards last year, the Bulldogs still aren't over the limit of 25. (They are projected to be a bit over the 85 scholarship limit, but that should work itself out without problem.)

Isaiah Crowell got all the attention, but Jenkins, because of the position he plays, may be the crown jewel of this recruiting class.

Noon: Jenkins prepares to announce

Didn't we just do this? Well yeah, but one of Georgia's most critical recruiting targets is announcing his decision at 1 p.m. on Saturday: That would be, in case you didn't know, John Jenkins, the junior college nose tackle.

(This continues a recent trend where there has been something football-related before every recent Georgia basketball game. Last week even Kentucky got in the act, announcing that Tee Martin was staying a few minutes before the Wildcats and Bulldogs tipped off.)

Most experts expect Jenkins to pick Georgia, but Florida is still in the running. And if he does pick the Bulldogs, I'd he shocked if he didn't start right away at Georgia, and allow DeAngelo Tyson to move out to his more natural spot at defensive end.

We'll know soon, and I'll update this space accordingly.

Also, there's a basketball game today. There will be blogging from that, as well.

Also, the situation in Egypt continues to be unresolved. There will be blogging and tweeting from that, just not from me.


Anonymous said...

nice. Let the resurgence begin.

Anonymous said...

do you have an objective report from someone other than this blog how good this fellow jenkins really is because if he is close to cody or fairley maybe georgia can stop someone on defense this year because we are giving richt a pass for one year and i have been ready to send richt to another job so until we see the bad management of last year i will hold my frustration since we need to support the man till we see it is not going to work and that means no zero two start

Randall Pink Floyd said...

Sixth best JUCO recruit around...from objective sources. Also, I've heard from other objective sources that you should stop your run-on sentences and Richt bashing. No one cares.

Anonymous said...

geez anon 1:54...

that's a big paragraph with not one bit of punctuation. makes you look stupid