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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ye Olde Mailbag ... Part One

So it became obvious very quickly that the mailbag was going to set another record. Therefore, in a sincere effort to get to as many questions as possible, I've decided to break today's into two parts.

Here are the first set of questions I was able to get to, mainly the ones via e-mail and Twitter. I'll hope to post the second part in another hour or two. Thanks again for the questions, this is obviously becoming one of the more popular segments, and that's thanks to you guys. Good job.

Mr. Blog Man! What is the status of T.J. Strippling? It seems he is kinda lost in the shuffle from talks. Will he be ready?
- Roaddawg80 (via Twitter)

Stripling suffered a pretty serious knee injury last October (at Colorado), so his status for spring practice is doubtful. But if rehab goes well enough he could be a factor in the preseason.

Seth, it appears that the baseball team may be headed for two consecutive bad seasons. That's a change from their usual good year/bad year biennial oscillation. Is this trend (if it occurs) going to be enough to get Dave Perno fired, and does it suggest that our talent is lacking in a way that may endure beyond a Perno administration? Thanks.
-- Ryan, Atlanta

Perno has enough goodwill built up – he was one win away from a national title in 2008, right? – that it will have to get pretty bad again this year for a decision like that to happen. Then again, after getting swept by Stetson they’re off to a pretty bad start. Let’s see how the season goes. But it could potentially be a very interesting call for Greg McGarity, who had a quick trigger with the volleyball coach, but held firm on Mark Richt.

Hey Seth,
Is there any talks about the SEC officials stepping in and implementing similar rules to oversigning as the Big Ten?

McGarity wants to make it happen, as he told my colleague Gentry Estes at So I’m sure the issue will be paramount at the league meetings in Destin. The question is whether the bloc of schools that want it to happen – led by Georgia – are enough to get something passed if some other schools have objections. My hunch is yes, especially if Mike Slive is on board.

I was just hoping you might give me some insight into the evolution of the market economy in the southern colonies. My contention is that prior to the Revolutionary War, the economic modalities, especially in the southern colonies, could be most aptly described as agrarian pre-capitalist. Also, how was Black Swan?
- Seth Nixon

"Black Swan" was great. I don't want to give anything away, but if you're a guy and get dragged to this by a lady friend, as I might have been, don't despair. There are a few scenes in there with Ms. Portman and Ms. Mila Kunis that ... look, just go see it.

As for your analysis of the southern pre-revolution market economy ... I'd give you an in-depth answer, but it would be so erudite and comprehensive that it would make only make you feel inadequate, so I won't do that to you.

When was the last time you updated the links on the side of the blog? A lot of them are broken or very outdated. Your site is one of the few that isn’t blocked at work and occasionally I need some other things to read during the lull of Anklegate (is using -gate as a suffix still in?).
- Katie

First off, yes using –gate as a suffix will apparently be okay for perpetuity. Thanks, G. Gordon Liddy (and company.) As for blog link-gate, you’re correct that I’m way behind in updating them, in that I never have. I’ll admit is just hasn’t been a priority, plus the pending switch of the blog platform – which again should have no affect on anybody here – makes it easier to procrastinate.

Mr Blog Man,
Which two or three twitter personalitites you would follow for each SEC school?

Whew, that’d be a lot to list, and I honestly wouldn't want to leave any of my writer colleagues out. (Several of whom I owe money.) So let me just recommend that you go to to my Twitter feed and see who I'm following. I will say that my favorites are the ones who have a nice blend of beat info and off-beat sly analysis. Kyle Veazey of the Clarion-Ledger, who covers Ole Miss, may be the best at it.

Richt said at the start of the offseason that he was going to study up on the trends in college football, see what others were doing, and see what could be implemented into Georgia's system. Has there been any more indications about what real changes in scheme on offense could Georgia fans see this fall?
Do you get the impression that this is just lip service for fans seeking a change? And given how attempts to implement a "Wild Dawg" formation have largely sputtered, how risky is it for Richt and Bobo to implement brand new things during a "do or die" season, especially since scoring points wasn't the 2010 team's biggest problem?
- Edward W. from Dunwoody

Unfortunately, I’d only be speculating if I gave you a direct answer on this. I do suspect it’s a bit more than lip service, but it also doesn’t mean we’re going to see the spread option or any other drastic change. I think we’ll see a few new plays, maybe some new formations, things like that, but no major overhaul of the offense.

Seth, long time reader, first time emailer:
Where does Jenkins fit in if we rarely were in our base 3-4 Defense Last Year? I’m assuming he becomes a DT in Nickel Situations????
- Seth

Hi Seth, this is Seth. Thanks for taking the time to read. Todd Grantham actually estimated they were in their base 3-4 about 60 percent time of the time. (The rest was, more or less, the 4-2-5.) So Jenkins will be the nose in almost all situations. He's a big body, and they've got other guys they'll want to edge-rush. That's why Jenkins was so key to their recruiting, because now they feel they have the core of the front seven and can really attack with the 3-4 the way they want to.

Of course this is all assuming Jenkins is as good as he's being made out to be, which remains to be seen.

Steven Reeves gets greedy and checks in with a slew of questions:

1. Thoughts on the KO hire?

Keith Olbermann? Well I guess it helps Current TV a lot, since no one knew it existed, but – oh you meant someone else. I’m sure Kirk Olividatti is a fine coach. He has all that NFL experience, plus he’s still relatively young enough (37) that he’s not in this for a payday.

2. Any news or snippets - from bowl practices maybe, or early on in the offseason - on Mike Gilliard? Seems like he's a forgotten man in the ILB race but was very highly touted/recruited out of HS.

Gilliard hasn’t been mentioned much by the coaches, but the departures of Marcus Dowtin and Nick Williams should open up a chance for him to get on the field.

Beatles or Stones? Also, do you get a sense from the coaches that Richard Samuel is going to be a contributing factor this year? I’ve hated what’s happened to his career: played too young (17), and out of position for two years.
Matt Rushing, ARM

Beatles all the way. They’re the greatest and most important rock group of all time, and I don’t think there’s an argument. … I’ve thought for awhile that Samuel could start at one of the inside spots next fall. The key for him, with several recruits arriving in the summer, will be to show out as much as possible in spring practice. That goes for a lot of veterans, since only Christian LeMay and Chris Conley enrolled early.

What role will coach KO take over on special teams? Kickoff coverage? Is his scheme similar to Coach Belins?

That hasn’t been announced yet, and it’s something I’d love to ask Olividatti and/or Richt whenever we get a chance to meet with them.

What are the chances that Travis and/or Tre stay? On It looks like both of their stocks have dropped dramatically.
- Ezcorn (via Twitter)

I think they both still leave after this year, unless it appears the NBA lockout is going to be very serious. (Which there’s a better chance than the NFL losing games because of its impending lockout). But even then, remember that the instant players turn pro they can collect money from agents, sponsors, whoever. I’ve seen conflicting things lately on the pro stock of each player; last week’s Seth Davis posted comments from scouts on the top 60 prospects, and Thompkins and Leslie each got glowing reviews.

I hate Tennessee. Are they a sure thing for the tourney, or are they on the bubble like some think? Of their remaining games, what would have to happen for them to miss the NCAA tournament?
- Rick

I never liked “Tennessee” either. I mean the Arrested Development song. It’s too overwrought. But anyway … It’s funny, after Saturday’s game the talk in the media room flipped: Now Georgia was seen as well on its way to the NCAAs and Tennessee was in trouble. Personally I think they’ll both be in, but I’d rather be in Georgia’s position. Tennessee can’t slip up down the stretch.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
- Eked Russell

You’re one of the writers for the GEICO commercials, aren’t you?

Do you know of any other JUCO guys UGA might still be looking at for this year? Thanks!
- RevTJohnson

None that I know of. I think they’re done recruiting for the 2011 class, unless something falls in their lap.

Who's more annoying: true fan guy or guy that abbreviates Coach Mark Richt to CMR?
- Brian Koning (via Twitter)

My only hope is the coach-abbreviation thing is just a passing fad, and eventually goes the way of the Macarena, ska music and Justin Beiber. (OK, just kinda hoping on the last one.)

Is there a chance UGA will get pro combat uniforms for the Boise State game?
- JohnnySanders94 (via Twitter)

I haven’t heard anything about that. If that changes I'll pass it on.

What is your position on the role of government in supporting innovation in the field of biotechnology?
- Matt B.

Uh … (looking around) … er … I’d say it’s a good idea.

We recruited some pretty high profile linemen that were then injured - see Austin Long and Brent Benedict. How are they progressing and will they start to get some playing time. I appreciate that Mark Richt is loyal to his recruits and it probably helps his recruiting, but want to see if these guys are going to contribute to our offensive line.
- Ben

Benedict would be a candidate for a starting spot, but he had a pretty serious injury, so we’ll have to see. New O-line coach Will Friend said he simply start the best five, and I take him at his word – although it’s a good bet four of those five will be Cordy Glenn, Trinton Sturdivant, Ben Jones and Kenarious Gates.

What brand of chewing gum does Travis Leslie prefer ?
- Robert K. Burnham

I honestly don’t know, but when I see him tomorrow this will be the first thing I ask. I promise.

Hey Seth. have you seen these back up quarterbacks and their trick throws videos? what trick throws do you think murray does (on two good ankles) that these guys couldn't besides throwing touchdowns on saturdays?
- ZachD

Maybe that’s something to ask Murray. I’m sure he’s seen those videos – although I gotta think the coaches would prefer he spend his time analyzing defenses than trying to throw a football through a basketball hoop from 300 feet away while blind-folded and taking Jaggermesiter shots. (That wasn’t one of the trick throw videos. It was my Saturday nights when I lived in southwest Georgia.)


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