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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UGA's spring football schedule almost set

Georgia’s G-Day game has been set for some time. Now the start of spring practice has a tentative start date.

UGA says it will take the field on Thursday, March 10, which is prior to spring break.

It would practice just that one day, then take off until March 22. From there it would practice until G-day on April 16.

The exact dates of following practices hasn’t been announced yet.


Anonymous said...

seth, im sure a ton of people would like to see a video tour of the new facilities. dont know if you can send this out. here is the link.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully the G Day game has been moved away from Masters weekend allowing many of us to attend (for only the 2nd time since CMR came to Athens.) I have two great sporting passions, UGA/NCAA football, and The Masters (I watch the US Open and British Open religiously too.) It never made any sense for Georgia, of all schools, to ignore the love, and pride, of Georgians for Augusta. The two best things about the state, and we created an unnecessary conflict.

Anonymous said...

seems like a waste to have one practice and then take a break. OOOOh we can use this practice to remind everyone to behave over Spring Break