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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Signings done, so time for a depth chart!

Georgia's signing class is (presumably) finished, we know (presumably) who has transferred, and we know (for sure) who has left for the NFL and who has stayed.

So it's time for my very early, somewhat educated guess at what Georgia's depth chart looks like for the 2011 season:

QB Aaron Murray, Soph.
Christian LeMay, Fr./Hutson Mason, Soph.
RB Isaiah Crowell, Fr.
Washaun Ealey, Jr./Caleb King, Sr./Ken Malcome, R-Fr.
FB Zander Ogletree, Soph.
Bruce Figgins, Sr./Dustin Royston, Soph.
SE Tavarres King, Jr.
Rantavious Wooten, Jr./Michael Bennett, R-Fr./Justin Scott-Wesley, Fr.
FLK Marlon Brown, Jr.
Malcolm Mitchell, Fr./Israel Troupe, Sr./Chris Conley, Fr.
TE Orson Charles, Jr.
Aron White, Sr./Jay Rome, Fr./Arthur Lynch, Soph.
LT Trinton Sturdivant, Sr.
Brent Benedict, R-Fr.
LG Dallas Lee, Soph.
Justin Anderson, Sr./Kolton Houston, R-Fr.
C Ben Jones, Sr.
Chris Burnette, Soph./David Andrews, Fr./Hunter Long, Fr.
RG Cordy Glenn, Sr.
RT Kenarious Gates, Soph.
A.J. Harmon, Jr./Zach DeBell, Fr./Watts Dantzler, Fr.

DE DeAngelo Tyson, Sr.
Derrick Lott, Soph.
NT John Jenkins, Jr.
Kwame Geathers, Soph.
DE Abry Jones, Jr.
Garrison Smith, Soph./Brandon Burrows, R-Fr.
OLB Ray Drew, Fr.
Sterling Bailey, Fr./T.J. Stripling, Soph.
ILB Christian Robinson, Jr.
Kent Turene, Fr./Amarlo Herrera, Fr.
ILB Jarvis Jones, Soph.
Richard Samuel, Jr./Mike Gilliard, Jr.
OLB Cornelius Washington, Jr.
Rueben Faloughi, Soph./Dexter Morant, R-Fr.
CB Brandon Boykin, Sr.
Damian Swann, Fr./Nick Marshall, Fr.
CB Branden Smith, Jr.
Sanders Commings, Jr./Jordan Love, Soph./Derek Owens, Soph.
FS Alec Ogletree, Soph.
Shawn Williams, Jr./Marc Deas, R-Fr.
SS Bacarri Rambo, Jr.
Jakar Hamiltono, Sr./Corey Moore, Fr.

K Blair Walsh
P Drew Butler
PR Branden Smith

KR Brandon Boykin

A few quick caveats:

- If I didn't list somebody, it's because a) they haven't been mentioned by coaches, which doesn't mean they can't become factors in spring, or b) I completely forgot them, which is on me. But keep in mind there are 85 guys, so I have to cut it off somewhere.

- Also, when it comes to backups I'll admit I haven't tried too hard to be exact in some positioning: Such as Sam or Will linebacker, or the offensive line spots.

- Lee at left guard is my biggest guess of any starter. The offensive line is the big question since the new coach will have a say. But it’s likely either Gates or Glenn will shift to right tackle, while the other will play right guard. Todd Grantham said they haven’t decided for sure on moving Justin Anderson back to offense, but I went ahead and assumed it.

- Jarvis Jones may also start at outside linebacker. Todd Grantham said they’re still determining that. I slotted him inside because I give Washington the edge (pun intended) to get a starting nod over Samuel.

- It doesn’t appear a permanent position switch is in the offing for Branden Smith. But if the coaches change his mind he’ll be a factor at receiver.

- The competition at corner should be stiff. Swann and Marshall will almost certainly play. There’s more depth at CB than safety, so look for someone to switch out.


tylerdurden24 said...

I think you left off OL Austin Long, which is part of what I find to be an interesting factoid:
If UGA lands very highly touted 2012 OT prospect John Theus next year, we'd have three sets of brothers on the team at the same time -
Austin and Hunter Long
John and Nathan Theus
Alec and Xander Ogletree

Anonymous said...


What about Lonnie Outlaw? If i recall correctly he was signed and was headed to GMC for a year. Was wondering if he was on track to join the team.

Seth Emerson said...

Lonnie Outlaw is still at GMC, not on track to join the team until 2012, last I understood.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Interesting that you didn't have Bean at NT?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Mike Thorton will be at DE or DT this year?

Steve said...

Are you implying that LeMay won't redshirt? Or are you saying that if Murray is hurt, LeMay's redshirt will be pulled before Mason gets a shot at the job?

I would think that, if Murray stays healthy, it will be Mason in mop-up duty and LeMay redshirting...but that's just a guess.