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Monday, February 7, 2011

The story behind Crowell's puppy

Good work here by Chris White of the Ledger-Enquirer, who has the story behind the puppy that star recruit Isaiah Crowell showed off when he committed to Georgia last Wednesday.

It turns out the puppy was owned by Mike Woods, the fan most famous for painting a bulldog on his bald head for football games. And Woods said the puppy, named Magical Munson Woods, is part of the Uga lineage, and his great uncle was Uga VI.

Woods says someone called him the night before signing day asking to use the puppy for Crowell's ceremony. He agreed, and it was returned safely the following night.

“I’m going to offer him to Georgia for Uga IX,” Woods said. “I’ll be glad to give him to Georgia. He’s got the background to do it, and I’ve got the papers to prove it.”

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papadawg said...

Can we start a grassroots movement to ask the Seilers to consider this dog for Uga IX?

matt b. said...

I met Mr. Woods at a Mexican restaurant in Tempe, 2008. He told me that his dogs were much healthier than what the Seilers were producing.

Two years later, it sounds like Mr. Woods knows what he's talking about.

Anonymous said...

washaun ealey has been kicked off the team.

Seth Emerson said...

No he has not.

Wes said...

A little more info: