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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Travis Leslie will not try to dunk over a car

You probably have by now seen the highlight of Blake Griffin jumping over a car during last weekend's NBA dunk contest. Well so has Georgia's Travis Leslie, who many would rate the best dunker at the college level.

Leslie liked the Griffin dunk, but offered a gentle critique.

“That was pretty impressive. But he kind of jumped over the front (of the car)," Leslie said, smiling. "I kind of expected him to jump over the middle. But it was still pretty impressive.”

Not that Leslie plans on trying to dunk over a car anytime soon.

“Definitely not," he said, laughing. "I’m not trying to lose my life right now.”

Leslie, a junior, might have a chance to participate in the NBA dunk contest as soon as next year, if he elects to go pro early. (And there isn't a prolonged NBA lockout.)

This year's dunk contest was notable for some creative entries: Not only Griffin, but JaVale McGhee (who played for Georgia head coach Mark Fox at Nevada) dunking on two baskets at the same time.

Leslie said he would follow suit with some creative entries.

“I haven’t thought about that right now, but if I had the opportunity to be in one now I’d definitely do a lot of stuff,” he said.

Maybe Leslie hasn't thought about it, but freshman teammate Marcus Thornton has thought about what Leslie should try.

“I have a couple things I have in mind for him, I’ll let him know,” Thornton said, declining to tell me before he tells Leslie. “I’ve seen Travis dunk for a long time so I feel like if he does get in the dunk contest he has a chance to make some noise one day. Hopefully that’ll be the case.”

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Cool story, Hansel.