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Monday, February 21, 2011

Murray has sprained ankle

Yup, no broken ankle for Georgia's starting quarterback. Aaron Murray only has a sprained ankle and "is expected to be ready for spring practice," according to a statement by UGA.

It was reported earlier in the day that Murray had broken his ankle in two places. But Murray's injury, suffered while playing pick-up soccer, didn't turn out to be that serious.

Murray had X-rays taken, which were negative, and an MRI on Monday confirmed a right ankle sprain, the school said.

Athletic trainer Ron Courson said, through a team spokesman, that Murray " would perform rehabilitation under the supervision of the sports medicine staff and is expected to be available for spring practice."

So basically: No big deal. Even if Murray doesn't heal quickly, the first spring practice isn't until March 10, and then the team takes 12 days off (spanning spring break) until its second practice. The G-Day game is April 16.


papadawg said...

and a few thousand bulldog fans come down from the ledge...

Anonymous said...

more stellar reporting from Zach Dillard

BrewDawg said...

Seth, can you take the lead on the lambasting that the Red and Black deserves for this one? Man those guys suck.