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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Georgia and its blown leads: The gory details

Here’s a quick breakdown of Georgia’s recent inability to hold a lead, particularly at halftime. Incredibly, it has led at halftime of each of the past six games – and only won three of them, needed to go to overtime in another and nearly lost the other two also.

at Florida

Halftime: Georgia by seven
UGA’s biggest lead: by 11, first half
Final: Florida 71, Georgia 62

at Tennessee

Halftime: Georgia by eight
UGA's biggest lead: by 14, first half
Final: Georgia 69, Tennessee 63

vs. Vanderbilt
Halftime: Georgia by six
UGA's biggest lead: by 13, second half
Final: Vanderbilt 64, Georgia 56

at South Carolina
Halftime: Georgia by 19
UGA's biggest lead: by 24, second half
Final: Georgia 60, South Carolina 56

vs. Xavier
Halftime: Georgia by one
UGA's biggest lead: by four, second half
Final: Xavier 65, Georgia 57

vs. Auburn
Halftime: Georgia by four
UGA's biggest lead: by 10, first half (and by eight in second half)
Final: Georgia 81, Auburn 72 (OT)

Here are a few other notable games:

at Arkansas
Halftime: Arkansas by three
UGA’s biggest lead: by seven, second half
Final: Georgia 60, Arkansas 59

vs. Florida
Halftime: Georgia by two
UGA’s biggest lead: by eight, first half (and by three in the closing seconds of first OT)
Final: Florida 104, Georgia 91 (2OT)

vs. Tennessee
Halftime: Tennessee by two
UGA’s biggest lead: by seven, first half
Final: Tennessee 59, Georgia 57

vs. UAB
Halftime: Georgia by 11
UGA’s biggest lead: by 15, first half
Final: Georgia 66, UAB 64

vs. Manhattan (Old Spice Classic)
Halftime: Georgia by seven
UGA’s biggest lead: by eight, second half
Final: Georgia 61, Manhattan 58

vs. Notre Dame (Old Spice Classic)
Halftime: Georgia by 12
UGA’s biggest lead: by 13, second half
Final: Notre Dame 89, Georgia 83 (2OT)

In all, Georgia has had the halftime lead in five of its nine losses.


Anonymous said...

Whats the deal Seth, in your opinion? It wasn't as glaring last year because we weren't playing for anything but this was the same story a year ago. Last year Fox always said it wouldn't be a problem if we had Robinson. What is it this year? Depth again, injuries, coaching, Thompkins not being anywhere near the player we thought he'd be???

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I think this is a product of youth and lack of depth. If we can convince Thompkins and Leslie to come back next year then the Fox Hounds have a very good chance of winning the SEC and maybe more.

Dooms Day Dawg said...

This is a clear example of other teams making adjustments at half and the Dawgs (coaching staff and players)not responding. The reasons? Poor coaching and/or lack of overall talent. Could be 10 different reasons. Whatever issues, it is not looking good for the Dawgs down the stretch.

Anonymous said...

According to the broadcasters Georgia is the 2nd most experienced team in the SEC. There really aren't any excuses at this point for 2 straight years of 2nd half futility. We still have a shot at the tourney but this team continues to underachieve.