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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Adams: 'Better days ahead' for football program

University of Georgia president Michael Adams said this football season has not been what should be expected, but added that sees “better days ahead” for the program.

Adams was asked at a Thursday news conference for his general view on the state of the football program.

“It’s not been the kind of year that Georgia supporters or the Georgia president expect,” Adams said. “It just reminds us of how tough the league we play in. The Florida game was heart-wrenching to all of us. And I think there are better days ahead. I think we’re gonna be fine in the long run.”

Georgia is 4-5 entering Saturday's game against Idaho State, an FBS (formerly Division I-AA) team. The Bulldogs finish out the season against No. 2 Auburn and rival Georgia Tech.

Adams was also asked about the North Campus tailgating ban for home football games. He said some “adjustments” could be made in the policy, but indicated a lifting of the ban was not on the table.

“I think whatever changes are made are likely to be in the tweaking, rather than in the wholesale change,” Adams said. “The notion that we’re going to go back to that many people on North Campus dumping hot coals and trampling bushes, that kind of thing, I don’t think that anybody wants to go back there. Not the students, not the faculty, not the alumni, from whom I heard in droves last year.

"But sometimes, you know the pendulum might swing a bit too far. And we may need to make some adjustments there.”


Chris Sudduth said...

As a student I would love to see things go back to the way they were. There's nothing like spending a Saturday afternooon on historic North Campus with a group of your closest friends. Typicallly, I wouldn't notice anything different on my walk to class Monday compared to the Friday before. I don't know who cleans it up, but I feel with the extra $200 institutional fee each semester they can afford to pick up trash and re-beautify North campus 6 times a year.

Buster said...

@Chris Sudduth - I suspect your comment about not knowing who cleans it up says a lot! God forbid that people actually clean up after themselves!

Anonymous said...

Well with every home game starting in the Noon hour it doesn't really matter.

Anonymous said...

Better days ahead? Seem like we've heard this before. Keep blowing smoke up our rear ends Mr. Adams ! Its time to fire these clowns in Athens coaching our football team!