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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Report: Colorado interested in Richt

When Georgia played at Colorado last month, it gave Mark Richt a chance to go back to the area he spent part of his youth. Could he go back again, permanently?

Apparently Colorado would like to explore his interest in doing that, according to the Denver Post. The newspaper, citing a source, said Richt and former Oregon head coach Mike Bellotti had "emerged as candidates" for the vacant Colorado job.

Dan Hawkins was fired earlier this week in his fifth season as Buffaloes head coach. Richt has said that he and Hawkins are good friends.

Richt lived in Broomfield, Colo., which is just outside Boulder, for about six years until he was a teenager.

The Denver Post said Richt "isn't believed to be in danger of losing his job, but a source said he may be tired of the SEC's pressure cooker and could seek a change in scenery."

My take: The first part of that sentence is probably true, but I don't know about the second part. Richt has moved much of his extended family to Athens. Might he leave if he was told by Georgia's administration that it might be a good idea? Possibly. We just don't know if such a nudge would be given.


Anonymous said...

That's funny. Unless CMR is fired, he isn't going anywhere. Yes, the man loves God above all, but he is also a man, and loves that $3 million a year. CU's AD is in worse financial shape than the federal government.

Russ said...

Unless Richt has a completely different side to him, I can't see him taking that big of a step down. I believe Richt is a very competitive man and wants to win against the best.

Colorado is the kind of place where Houston Nutt will go to coach when he's fired.