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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fairley will not be suspended

By now you've all seen the hit, and so has the SEC office, which has decided not to suspend Auburn's Nick Fairley.

"He's not being suspended. The matter is being handled internally between the conference and the institution," SEC spokesman Charles Bloom said in an e-mail Tuesday afternoon.

Here's a YouTube of the now-infamous helmet-to-back hit that Fairley, the Auburn defensive tackle, put on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray in the third quarter.

Not suspending Fairley for the Iron Bowl will be a controversial decision in some quarters. He was given a personal foul, which the SEC apparently deemed sufficient. Georgia center Ben Jones was suspended for the first half of the Colorado game, after the SEC and Georgia got together and decided the discipline was warranted.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt has consistently declined to comment on the Fairley issue. He did say on his radio show Monday night that "I do believe in standing up for our boy."


Anonymous said...

That video leaves out Fairley griding his helmet under Murray's facemask.

It's a shame that jerk isn't getting suspended for at least a half.

The SEC office is spinning out of control. From poor and questionable officiating, to the underhanded protection of BCS darling teams each year, to all the backstories emerging with the Cam scam. I have no confidence in the SEC conference leadership anymore, especially with Mike Slive

Castleberry said...

Do you mean Jones is suspended for the Tech game, or are we playing Colorado again?

Anonymous said...

no, he got suspended after the colorado game, for an action in that game.

Anonymous said...

Am I wrong in saying that the SEC had warned Fairley before our game about driving quaterbacks into the ground? If so, then the SEC has the backbone of a serpent. Fairley drove Murray into the ground 3 times well after Murray had completed his throwing motion. The spear to the back was maybe 2 seconds after his throw. And, let's not forget Fairley crawling on the ground and trying to put his helmet into Murray's knee well after he had thrown the ball. The guys is at dirty as they get. Wish our linemen had gone after his knees.

Castleberry said...

Sorry - I read that wrong. I know Jones got after Fairley near the end of the game and thought he was suspended again.