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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Practice notes: The thanksgiving plan, jersey plans, and recruiting

Mark Richt speaks, we listen. Well, we also ask questions, and then he speaks, and we write. And after this process Wednesday night, here are seven things we learned:

1. They went full pads again on Wednesday to practice more against the cut block, a staple of Georgia Tech’s offense. Richt didn’t like how they were looking against it so far in preparation.

In fact, every practice they’ve had the past two weeks has been full pads.

2. The Thanksgiving plan: They’ll be done by about 10 a.m., and then excuse everyone to go eat.

“Anybody’s who’s close enough, they usually go home," Richt said. "A lot of times, families will come in and have Thanksgiving here. And there’s a lot of guys who will take their teammates who have a little far to go, to their homes. Coaches take players to their homes.”

Richt also expects assistant coach Rodney Garner to hold his usual turkey-day feast.

“It’s become legendary,” Richt said.

3. Injury update No. 1: Carlton Thomas had a stinger on Monday. He did scout work today.

“We think he’ll be ready,” Richt said.

4. Injury update No. 2: Defensive back Sanders Commings (ankle) has been practicing too.

“He’s getting there,” Richt said.

5. Richt repeated earlier praise of linebackers Jarvis Jones and Richard Samuel, each sitting out this season.

“Between (Jones) and Richard Samuel playing linebacker, it’s probably the best linebacker tandem in the country. Scout-team linebacker tandem,” Richt said. “They’re outstanding talents, and giving our guys all they want all year long.”

In hindsight, Richt agreed, Samuel’s injury could end up a blessing, as it gave him a year to acclimate to the linebacker switch. He will have two years of eligibility remaining, and Jones, the transfer from Southern California, will have three.

6. Georgia will not be sporting black jerseys on Saturday, Richt confirmed.

“I don’t think we’ll have a jersey change for awhile here,” Richt said.

7. Richt was asked if the struggles of the running game have increased the need to sign a big-time running back in February. That was an obvious reference to a certain Columbus recruit, whom Richt can’t talk about, per NCAA rules.

“I would just say we sure would love to sign a big-time back this year. How’s that?” Richt said, looking up and smiling at Claude Felton, UGA’s associate athletics director for communications. “That’s a very big priority for us. A very big priority.”

8. Three juniors – Charles White, Ben Harden and Josh Sailors – are leaving the program early and being honored with the senior class on Saturday. That’s a common occurrence for juniors who are going to graduate early and haven’t played much.

Richt said he had spoken with White, and planned to have a conversation with Harden.

“I just tell them I appreciate everything they did for us,” Richt said. “They busted their tail, they did the best they could, it didn’t work out the way they wanted it to on the field. But they’re going to get their degrees. I know they’re men of integrity, they’re guys that are gonna be tremendous employees, and probably employers one day. They’re gonna be good husbands and fathers. They’re just great people. I think they’ve done well.”

And that’s it, for now. Look for a story on Richt, and how he’s held up this season, with quotes from his new boss, in Thursday’s papers.

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turducken, or stuffing, or green bean casserole, or all of the above.


Anonymous said...


Go back north you Yankee scum.

Anonymous said...

Seth- That's cornbread DRESSING with the turkey in Ga. Recent transplants can have their mushy conglomeration of white bread and such. Sweet potato soufflé is also a staple for many of us.