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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Liberty Bowl looks likely

It's not a done deal, and can't be for at least another week. But it sure looks like Georgia is on track to be invited to the Liberty Bowl.

Steve Ehrhardt, who heads the Memphis bowl, spent most of Saturday night hanging around Georgia officials, including athletics director Greg McGarity. After Georgia's 42-34 win over Georgia Tech, Ehrhardt spoke highly of the Bulldogs.

“We know we can’t do anything formally until as Mark (Richt) said, we’re sort of under an embargo," Ehrhardt said. But the fact that here I am talking to you at 12:30 in the morning, we’re pretty darn serious.”

Richt said during his postgame news conference that he expected to have to wait until after the BCS selection are made next week. But it's likely the SEC is getting two teams in, whether that Auburn and Arkansas, or South Carolina and Auburn.

The Music City Bowl, which picks just ahead of Liberty, now appears to be favoring Tennessee. That would probably leave Georgia and Kentucky for the Liberty Bowl.

“We’ve been talking about Georgia for basically all season,” Ehrhardt said.

The SEC choice for the Liberty will face the winner of next Saturday's Conference USA championship game, which features SMU playing at Central Florida.

The Liberty Bowl is scheduled for Dec. 31, a Friday, at 3:30 p.m.

Ehrhardt admitted he was "treading lightly" with his comments.

“We’re not supposed to be able to say anything. I’ll get in trouble with the SEC office," Ehrhardt said. "But let the actions, as coach said, let the actions speak.”

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