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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

McGarity says UGA 'exhausted all avenues' on Fairley hits

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity confirmed that his school spoke to the SEC office about the hits made by Auburn’s Nick Fairley in Saturday’s game.

“We exhausted all avenues of communicating to the conference office,” McGarity said. “And then it’s up to the SEC to make the decision. There’s really nothing more that we could’ve done. We just followed SEC protocol in how you communicate and how you deal with questions.”

The SEC announced late Tuesday that Fairley would not be suspended any time, and any discipline would be dealt with “internally.”

McGarity was asked if that surprised him.

“I probably better not comment on that,” he said. “I need to stay away from that. I don’t want to get into any type of trouble or conflict with the conference office.”

Fairley’s helmet-to-back hit on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray drew a 15-yard penalty. Fairley also delivered a late hit to Murray’s knee, which was not called a penalty, that caused the quarterback to leave the game. Murray did not practice Tuesday and his status is day-to-day.

Last month Georgia center Ben Jones was suspended for one half for a chop block he made at Mississippi State.

McGarity said that suspension was decided after the SEC notified Georgia, which then reviewed the play and agreed that discipline was warranted.

“Coach (Mark) Richt was bothered by it,” McGarity said. “He was disappointed in our student-athlete and took appropriate action, and felt like it was the appropriate consequence. And I have to give Mark a lot of credit for taking that position to do the right thing. And the young man paid the consequence and missed the first half of the Colorado game. And since that time he’s learned a lesson.”

McGarity then declined to comment on Auburn not disciplining Fairley.

“We’ve got enough issues with our program rather than worrying about someone else’s program,” McGarity said.


Anonymous said...

What this means is the next time a player gets hit with a cheap shot UGA should respond on the field. The SEC confirmed Saturday's game was indeed a fight and UGA didn't realize it. Next time someone rubs their facemask on our QB we should put in a walk on and have him it the guy in the nuts. If the refs and SEC won't do anything to stop it; settle it on the field.

MauiDawg said...

Seth is this the full transcript of McGarity's comments? Just curious..

There are two ways you can take McGarity's comment on "worrying about our program instead of theirs". Is there anything more to that statement or something to read between the lines?

I imagine since McGarity just gave his vote of confidence, I would assume he didn't mean anything negative with that statement. What do you think Seth?

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure. Greg McGarity is a pro and I am very encouraged by his leadership!

Anonymous said...

We'll be laughing at the Aubs soon enough.

Seth Emerson said...

Maui Dawg,

McGarity's comments were more a way of not wanting to discuss Auburn's treatment of the Fairley situation.

Anonymous said...

He's pissed, but there is nothing he can do other than have Richt and Co. work this out on the field next November.

It will be worked out.

Anonymous said...

It's really refreshing having an AD who cares more about the kids than about preening in front of a camera and autographing red panties.

Anonymous said...

He damn sure can do something before next fall, he can make a phone call to Tuscaloosa.

Anonymous said...

“We’ve got enough issues with our program rather than worrying about someone else’s program,” McGarity said... ... You damn right we do! Hopefully McGarity will run these clowns out of Athens. Hire coaches who can coach our guys that will know how to man up and play smash mouth football. Time to stop petty whining and start winning football games.