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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fourth quarter blog

4:57 left in game, Georgia tied - no wait, still leads, 35-34

Unreal. Georgia Tech had an easier time driving downfield and scoring on the Georgia defense than kicker Scott Blair had kicking the extra point. Blair's point-after attempt hooks left, and with five minutes left, the Bulldogs still cling to a one-point lead.

The Yellow Jackets have all three timeouts left, so the Bulldogs need to hold this ball awhile, and preferably score.

And oh ... as I wrote that, Brandon Boykin nearly fumbled away the ensuing kickoff, which would have been the game. But Marlon Brown picked it up on the bounce, and Georgia dodges a major bullet. Wow.

7:50 left in fourth quarter, Georgia leads 35-28

It's back to being game. Georgia Tech drove downfield and scored, then Georgia went three-and-out.

Very conservative effort on that drive by the Bulldog offense. Now it's up to the defense to get a stop, and I don't know if you can count on that.

12:30 left in fourth quarter, Georgia leads 35-21

I'm on deadline now for the papers, so I won't be able to blog as much in this quarter. But real quickly:

Georgia's two tailbacks have combined for 103 yards on 13 carries. Although Caleb King, who has 42 of those yards, has that glaring fumble.

Abry Jones also is up to 15 tackles, which is above and beyond his career high. Jones has been getting a lot of action with Demarcus Dobbs out since the first half with an elbow injury.

As I write this, Georgia Tech is driving yet again. So this ain't over yet.

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