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Monday, November 22, 2010

Pat Dye criticzes Urban Meyer handling of Newton case

Former Auburn head coach Pat Dye told the Macon Touchdown Club on Monday that he was "disappointed" in Florida head coach Urban Meyer for not standing up for Cam Newton.

Dye, a Georgia alum, brought up the ongoing Newton story while speaking to the club, according to The Telegraph's Michael A. Lough. Here's part of what Michael filed from Macon:

(Dye) then went into the Newton situation, noting the trouble in Florida for allegedly stealing a computer. Then he revisited how news came out of Gainesville that Newton had faced expulsion from Florida for a variety of academic improprieties: cheating, putting his name on a paper written by another student and turning in a paper purchased off the Internet.

As was reportedly immediately, such a leak is a federal offense.

“I am disappointed that (Florida head coach) Urban Meyer didn’t step up and say something on that kid’s behalf, because (Newton) left Atlanta to go to Florida and fulfill his dream as college football player,” Dye said. “He made some bad choices and bad decisions, which young people will do." ...

Dye said that Meyer could “have been a hero” by lauding what Newton has accomplished at Auburn and clarified Newton’s departure from Florida, but said Meyer has done the opposite.

[But] Meyer, by all accounts, has not publicly trashed Newton and strongly denied any connection to the illegal leak of Newton’s academic issues.

Dye also told the club that the powers-that-be at Auburn wouldn't be playing Newton if they thought there was any reason he might be ineligible.

“I do know this,” Dye said. “Jay Jacobs and Gene Chizik have unquestioned character and integrity. And if they’re playing him, they don’t know anything either, or any reason not to play him.”

Dye's tenure as coach and athletics director ended in the early 1990s amid an NCAA investigation into payments made to recruit Eric Ramsey.


Anonymous said...

Hate to defend Urban Meyer, but what was he supposed to say? "I really wish my administration had let me keep him"
The guy was proven to be thief and a cheater. How was he supposed to clarify the reason for the transfer?
"It made sense to play his sophomore year at a CC because Tebow came back for his senior year"
Give me a break.
Pat Dye should stop drinking.

Anonymous said...

Pat Dye isn't man enough to admit that Cam Newton et al are as dirty as yesterday's diapers.

Anonymous said...

"Pat Dye isn't man enough to admit that Cam Newton et al are as dirty as yesterday's diapers."

In other words, his kind of player!!

Anonymous said...

Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.
Pat Dye, the model of truth! NOT!