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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fourth quarter blog

5:42 left in game, Georgia trails 42-31

Georgia has turned it over on downs, at its own 27, and barring a turnover or something miraculous, it is going to fall at No. 2 Auburn.

The stories of the game: Georgia's inability to stop Auburn in the second half and Auburn's onside-kick to start the second half. It was a valiant showing by the Georgia offense, but it also failed to put its foot down in the second half.

I'm going to head down to the field, so this will be it as far as blogging during the game.

8:05 left in fourth quarter, Auburn increases lead to 42-31

Cam Newton hits Philip Lutzenkirchen for a 13-yard touchdown pass, and Georgia is now in dire territory.

It's the first two-possession deficit of the night for Georgia. It hasn't played badly on offense, but that Auburn onside-kick to open the second half is looming large.

Surely the Bulldogs can answer here with a touchdown. But can its defense get a stop on Auburn? It hasn't yet in the second half.

The Georgia defense just looks worn down.

8:22 left in fourth quarter, Georgia still trails 35-31

Auburn has had the ball the entire fourth quarter so far, as Georgia's defense doesn't have an answer for the power running game.

Cameron Newton just converted a third-and-long with a run to a wide-open left side. The contain once again wasn't there for Georgia, which sold out to the pass, for some reason. It's not like the Tigers have done much of that tonight. In fact they didn't do any of it in the third quarter.

It may take a turnover for Georgia to win this. It's not showing any sign of being able to get off the field, and time is starting to work against the Bulldogs.

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Anonymous said...

Fire these Clowns immediately after the game. Please take Mark Richt Colorado !