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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fourth quarter blog

55 seconds left in game, Georgia leads 55-7

It's reward walk-on time!

Brandon Bogotay just got a chance to kick a field goal, and missed a 35-yarder.

So with 55 seconds left, this will probably remain your final score.

The Bulldogs apparently were trying to get catches for some walk-ons: Rhett McGowan and Derek Rich each caught passes on that drive.

Wes Van Dyke, another walk-on, also got a carry on an end-around.

"Now they're just making up names," a colleague on press row cracked.

Indeed. On to Auburn week.

8:51 left in fourth quarter: The shutout quest ends

Well, turns out I was wrong. Not for the first time.

Idaho State did try to score, and it did. One long pass play got it into Georgia territory for the first time, and another one got the Bengals into the end zone.

There were scattered boos from the remaining fans, apparently seeking a shutout. Well, now all that's left to play for is ... I don't know.

Brandon Boykin isn't even back to return the kickoff, so that return yardage record officially has to wait till Auburn.

9:30 left in fourth quarter: zzzzzz

Well, there's really not that much point.

Georgia leads 55-0, and it doesn't look like either side is in any mood to change the score.

The Bulldogs pretty much ran the ball ahead on their most recent drive, and gave it up at the Idaho State 35. The Bengals might try to end the shutout, but even Georgia's second- and third-stringers are playing on a different level than Idaho State.

Most of the fans have cleared out. A few hardy souls remain, but it's too damn cold for most. True fact: It's colder in Athens today than back in Idaho.

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