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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Richt teleconference notes

There wasn't much in the way of news or bulletin-board material on Mark Richt's Sunday teleconference.

Some quick notes:

- Two backups who were hurt against Idaho State have a good chance of playing at Auburn. Nose tackle Kwame Geathers (ankle) and receiver Logan Gray (jaw) are both probable, with Geathers receiving the most optimistic prognosis.

- Safety Alec Ogletree's performance was graded well on film, and the freshman has a good chance of starting at Auburn. Richt said Ogletree had one "mental error," but otherwise showed he has a good grasp on the defense.

- Interestingly, Richt didn't embrace the idea of this being a chance for a signature win at Auburn. When told a few players had mentioned that on Saturday, Richt wondered if the players had simply been answering a leading question.

“The bottom line is it’s another Southeastern Conference game," Richt said. "It’s very important to us. It’s a big-time rival game.”

- As of Sunday, Richt hadn't watched Auburn offensive game tape yet. (It's a good bet the defensive coaches have been.) Mississippi State is the only team to hold Auburn under 20 points.

“That’ll probably be the first one I look at when it comes to watching the Auburn offense,” Richt said.


Anonymous said...

Richt has simply gone clueless! Expect more of the same next year.

Anonymous said...

He is clueless because he is an offensive minded coach. So watching the Auburn O is pretty much moot for him. Grantham has said he as already watched some. I would be a lot more worried if Richt said he watched some and Grantham said he didn't.