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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green: 'Always a possibility' college career could end soon

Not for the first time, and not for the last time, A.J. Green spoke Wednesday night about his upcoming decision on whether to turn pro.

The Georgia junior receiver said he still hasn’t made a decision yet, and will only do so after the season ends. The Bulldogs hope that’s in a bowl game, if they achieve their sixth win by beating Georgia Tech in their season finale.

Green, projected by many experts as the draft's top receiver prospect, acknowledged that game, a week from Saturday, could be his final one at Sanford Stadium.

“I think it’s always a possibility,” Green said. “But like I said I’m not even thinking about that yet. I mean I would love to come back. There’s so many things you have to deal with if you come back, getting hurt and all that. You’ve gotta put that all in perspective. And you’ve gotta do what’s best for you.”

The prospect of an NFL lockout looms large in Green’s decision. He said he plans to follow the situation, and expressed concern that the NFL could miss half of or an entire season.

“That’s really gonna play a big part in my decision,” Green said. “Because if they’re talking about a lockout, there’s really no point in me leaving.”

In the past, Green has also said he felt like he owes Georgia fans after missing the first four games of this season. On his radio show Monday night, head coach Mark Richt said he felt it would be “a blessing” both to the program and Green if he were to play his senior season.

Green said it was his dream to play in the NFL – but it was also his dream to get a college degree. He said he’s 20 hours away from doing that, and on track to graduate next December.

“My mom’s real big on that,” Green said. “I’ve gotta do what to make her happy. So if she’s telling me to stay, I’m gonna stay.”


Anonymous said...


Buster said...

If there isn't an NFL lockout he would be crazy to stay! Sorry but that's the way of the world now!

Anonymous said...

From my understanding the state of the lockout won't be known until March at the earliest. They will have an idea one way or the other before then but nothing definite. That will make it hard for college guys having to declare in January.

Anonymous said...

Letter writing campaign to mama!!

Anonymous said...

God knows we need some good karma, that would be right cool if he shocked us all and decided to stay.