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Saturday, November 13, 2010

From the locker room

The chippiness of the game carried into the postgame.

Georgia's defensive players didn't give much credit to Cam Newton. Head coach Mark Richt appeared irked at some of Auburn's actions during the game. The smiles, understandably, were few and far between.

Richt offered up one of the only ones when asked if he'd have any interest in the job at Colorado, which reportedly has interest in speaking to him.

"Georgia's my home," said Richt, after thinking a moment and laughing.

Here are the other highlights from the Georgia locker room:

- Justin Houston didn't exactly heap praise on Newton, the Heisman Trophy frontrunner who ran for 151 yards and two touchdowns and passed for 148 and two more scores.

"He's human," said Houston, the Georgia linebacker and SEC sacks leader. "Me personally I didn't think he was that special."

Safety Bacarri Rambo also said that while he thought Newton was good, he feels Arkansas' Ryan Mallett was better, according to Gentry Estes of

- Asked about the fighting at the end of the game, and what led to it, Richt said:

"I'd prefer not to say. Because I don't think any good will come of it."

Later, Richt was asked if it was fair to say some of the anger arose from perceived late hits leveled by Nick Fairley on Aaron Murray.

"I'm not gonna answer that question," Richt said, leaving it at that.

Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs came in after Richt's press conference and spoke briefly with the coach and Georgia A.D. Greg McGarity. But it was unclear what they were talking about.

- Murray was not available to the media after the game. But no one appeared worried about his injury, which Richt called a blow to the knee. The coach said it was nothing "structural," and that Murray wanted to go back in the game.

- Richt was asked about Auburn's successful onsides kick to open the second half.

"I guess you could only tell them so many times. We alerted them that it could happen," he said.

But the coach added that it was a "dilemma" for the front five on kick return, between watching for the onsides and preparing to block.

We'll have more coverage in the papers Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Great team effort but beat by a player that will be ruled ineligible in a few days or weeks at most. Disturbing that the D couldnt stop the only player that keeps Auburn alive, but no other defense has either. This will work itself out in coming days in the press.
Regarding No. 90 and the repeated dirty hits, that problem shoud have been addressed in the beginning of the 3rd quarter. He drove Murray into the ground repeatedly and the refs didnt call it. If the refs don't call it, its up to the players to take it into their hands. Commendable for Ben Jones to try in the last possession, but Richt should have put 90's ass onto the stretcher after the spear to Murray. Put the older walk on brother of Murray and chop block the hell out of the right knee and No. 90 doesnt put a potentially career ending hit on your star QB. Kudos to the team for sticking together and sticking up for Murray at the end, but it should have been done earlier.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but the moral victories are getting very old. This is a program in the third year of a decline. There needs to be some major changes.

Anonymous said...

So many pansy fans these day. We need to quit whining and start demanding a winning football team. Fairley is a hard nose player. Wished UGA had some players like him. Hope CMR is Gone next year too. This has been the same crap for 3 years now. Pathetic !

Steve said...

Anonymous, you are a pansy poster. And I can't even believe I'm wasting 15 seconds to tell you that...

I'm proud to be a Dawg tonight. Honestly. The better team won, but we'll be back. I'm excited about this team against Tech, and definitely excited about them next year.

Aaron Murray is the real deal...and I bet he came a lot cheaper than Newton.

Anonymous said...

Agree, Anon 10:03 is worse than a pansy, he is an idiot poster who is not likely a Dawg fan. If he is, leave. We don't need fans that have no more understanding of football than this post indicates. fairley isn't hard nosed, he is a cheap shot artist who would have been fined/suspended at the next level. If Chizik and taylor support that kind of play, they need to be gone from CFB too.