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Monday, November 1, 2010

Auburn game at 3:30 on CBS

Georgia's visit to Auburn on Nov. 13 has been picked up by CBS and will kick off at 3:30 p.m., it was announced Monday.

That's a bit of a surprise. CBS could have opted for South Carolina at Florida, which will in all likelihood be for the East Division championship.

Instead, the network apparently preferred the allure of the south's oldest rivalry, and the nation's No. 2 team (according to the BCS) and Heisman Trophy front-runner.

So that means Georgia, after not appearing on CBS the first eight weeks of the season, will do so twice in a three-week span.

The Gamecock-Gator game will instead be an ESPN night game. There's a slight chance that game won't mean the East title, but that would require Vanderbilt upsetting Florida on Saturday.

Auburn, meantime, will still be unbeaten in two weeks, barring a colossal upset at home to Chattanooga.


Anonymous said...

I sure will not attend nor watch this debacle on the screen. Our coaching staff and team is truly inept with a couple of exceptions. Mark Richt blew it this past weekend for me ans as far as I can tell many others too. UGA is the butt of all jokes this morning on many sports talk stations today ! Its a hard pill to swallow but I dont have faith in this staff anymore.

Calif Dawg said...

I am just tired of seeing nearly every team we play score 30+ points a game. When did we lose our defense? Wasn't this the same Florida team that only scored 7 against MSU? MSU for crying out loud. New coach=same result, lots of money wasted. Don't hand me the he just needs time to get his own players in. Good college coaches come in and have instant success.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:40, you need to hang around a better class of UGA fan. It is a minority of fans who have given up on CMR, and not very smart ones at that. Lots of room for improvement, but Saturday's game is hardly justification for a rational person to quit on his team. UGA is competitive is every game they have played, came back against 3-4 of those teams that we lost to. Players have to learn how to win the close ones. I am thankful we do not have to play a night game at JH.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for referring to this series by its correct title instead of using the "deep south" qualifier that we always see.

The game was played before yours UNC and UVA. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Kool Aid Drinker Alert ! Goes to anon @ 4:55 pm . Next !