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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Grantham on choke-gate: 'I wish the situation hadn't happened'

Todd Grantham regrets the choke-sign he was caught on camera giving to a Florida player – but the Georgia defensive coordinator stopped short of apologizing.

Grantham on Tuesday evening made his first public comments since the controversy erupted.

“As a competitor, sometimes you get caught up in the heat of the moment,” he said. “I wish the situation hadn’t happened. It was a tough, hard-fought game. They won it, and I’m ready to move forward and finish out the year strong.”

Grantham confirmed that he has spoken with head coach Mark Richt and Greg McGarity about the incident.

“Basically I’ve talked to both of those people, they’re aware of it and we’re ready to move forward,” Grantham said.

The assistant coach used the term “move forward” about four times. When first asked about the incident, he spoke in broad terms.

“Here’s what I have to say: I’m very passionate about the game. I’m very passionate about the University of Georgia being very successful, as a program. I want our defense to be relentless for 60 minutes. I want them to play physical, play tough, play with intensity, and give everything they’ve got for 60 minutes until the last second is gone,” Grantham said.

“And as a competitor, and first off let me say that I’m really proud of our players for the work that they’ve done in that area, and the way they’ve improved in that area this year. And I think it’s shown up on the field."

Otherwise, Grantham did not want to say much.

Not when he was asked if he felt the need to apologize to Henry: “You know I’ve kind of basically said what I’m going to say, and I think that’s, I’m ready to move forward.”

And not when asked if he and Henry had engaged in any back-and-forth before the kick: “You know, it was a tough, hard-fought game, and like I said I’m ready to move forward and get going with Idaho State.”


Anonymous said...

This guy is clueless. He was third /fourth choice when he was hired. Should have hired Manny Diaz. Once again UGA Choked against the Gators....

Anonymous said...

The neutering of UGA football continues. UF taunts, storms the field as a team, pokes eyes, suspends players around big games, and plays guys that were charged with felonies, but we have to continue to apologize for storming the field, celebrating big touchdowns, or making choke signs. Wake me when this is least Grantham didn't leave him any threating text messages....that would have been beyond the pale.

Anonymous said...

I think he will be good but the immature crap has to stop. The 5th grade name calling with Spurrier and now this.

Diaz has been awesome.

Anonymous said...

Yea Anon 8:25, I agree. Florida gets to run a program of thugs and lawlessness, why can't we?? Get rid of CMR and hire Lane Kiffin!

Anonymous said...

Grow a pair, that so many idiots thought you grew in Jacksonville, and apologize Todd.

Anonymous said...

Do not apologize. You did nothing wrong. It's football and it's Georgia/Florida. If you don't agree, you never played the game.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

This entire "controversy" might be the saddest statement I've ever read about how much psychological dominance the Gators hold over the Bulldawgs.

The appropriate response to all the manufactured outrage by Gator Nation is: "Text 'Choke' to Flordia's Kicker." Because we all know that text messaging in Florida is no harm, no foul.

Not only have we heard about this for three days too long, it has become the story of the week. And we're sure to hear about it again next year, when Urbz uses it to motivate the Orange and Blue.


John said...

Couldn't agree more Cousin Pat. Once again, the Bulldawgs have limped into Jacksonville and choked. Richt has one more year to turn things around. He is a great man and a good coach who deserves the respect of the Bulldawg nation for where he has brought the program. However, at the end of the day, the school must do what is necessary to remain competitive. UGA has not been competitive since 2006.

Anonymous said...

'07. '06 we were average.