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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ask a beat writer (or me)

I know a very popular feature on here has been a Q&A with a beat writer who covers the upcoming opponent. I did the same thing in my previous job, and plan to make it a regular feature here too.

The problem this week is both beat writers at our sister paper (The State) covering South Carolina recently left to take other jobs. Of course, one of them was me.

So, having covered the Gamecocks the past four years and lived in Columbia the past five, I’ll let you faithful readers send in questions and I’ll answer them. Feel free to comment on the blog, send in an e-mail, or come visit me in person at my Athens home. (Address withheld, because I’m kidding about that.)

In the meantime, my former paper reports Tuesday that even with Georgia’s A.J. Green still uncertain, the Gamecock secondary members are planning as if he’ll play. This according to safety Akeem Auguste:

“Most definitely,” Auguste said. “We’re going in knowing he’s going to play. Even if he doesn’t, we’re still thinking that he is.”

(I’ll leave you all to square that last sentence and see if it makes sense.)
More, from cornerback Stephon Gilmore, who would be lined up against Green in most sets.

“We’re calling all our coverages as if he was playing. You just prepare for the offense as a whole,” Gilmore said. “I’m looking forward to playing against him. He’s a big-time receiver. I’ll be ready to see what he’s got.”

Meanwhile, South Carolina defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward was impressed with the play of Georgia QB Aaron Murray.

“He’s real athletic. He can make a lot of plays with his feet,” Ward said. “They’re trying to keep it simple for him in his reads, but he’s kind of dangerous with scrambling and getting out of the pocket and making big plays. The receivers do a good job of moving around when he does scramble.”

Other notes:

- What a day of football on Monday. Maryland stuffing Navy at the goal-line, and Boise State coming back to win.

We’ll see whether Boise State goes unbeaten, and we’ll see how good Virginia Tech ends up being. But if Boise does go 12-0, and Virginia Tech ends up at least a top 10 team, it’s going to be very, very hard for the BCS to keep the Broncos out of the BCS title game.

Keep in mind what Boise State did on Monday: It went across the country and won what was essentially a road game at the No. 10-ranked team in the country. That counts for something.

- Was Sunday’s “Mad Men” not one of the best in the show’s history? I got chills when the ghost walked in, even though I’m still not sure if it was a ghost or Don Draper was dreaming.


DWH said...

I'll second that motion on "Mad Men." That show just continues to get better and better.

Anonymous said...

if you're the expert on the cocks, does that make the state's writer the expert on the dogs?

Anonymous said...

The ghost was my least favorite part. Loved the episode.

Anonymous said...

Umm, South Cackalacky's DC is Ellis Johnson........You'd think the State could at least get that right....

Seth Emerson said...

Lorenzo Ward's title is defensive coordinator. Ellis Johnson is associate head coach for defense. The wording is right.