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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fourth quarter blog

3:15 left in game, Georgia now trails 24-6

It's all over but the timeouts and tack-on score by Mississippi State. (Actually that just happened while I was typing this post.) I'm headed down for the post-mortem.

This will be Georgia's first three-game losing streak since 1990, and thus the first of the Mark Richt era. (And suddenly next week's game at Colorado doesn't seem like the sure win it was expected to be.)

It's Georgia's loss to Mississippi State since 1974, and its first in Starkville since 1951.

4:22 left in game, Georgia now trails 17-6

Is Georgia about to lose on the road by a 17-6 score for the second time in three weeks? It sure looks that way.

Mississippi State, after using the run to march downfield, just passed its way into the end zone. Another mental breakdown by the young Georgia secondary.

That 11-point deficit, with the limited Georgia offense, almost seems insurmountable at this point.

Georgia fans, you're forgiven for turning off the TV in disgust. This was a game UGA had to have, and for awhile was there for the taking. But barring an unforeseen turnaround, it's about to fall to 1-3.

Incredible. No one saw this coming.

5:00 left in fourth quarter, Georgia still trails 10-6

Georgia needs a big play somewhere in the next five minutes, or the next week in Bulldog nation is not going to be pretty.

Mississippi State just converted on fourth-and-1 from its own 40. A gutsy call by Dan Mullen, but one he made feeling his offensive line had gained the advantage and would get the push it needed. He was right.

The second half has become a ball-control game, and not to Georgia's benefit.

That's too many third downs - and now a fourth - given up by Georgia's defense. The offense has only had the ball twice this half, and there's only five minutes left. Incredible.

10:07 left in fourth quarter

Killer, killer penalty against Georgia just now. It can only hope it has another chance to make amends.

UGA had seemed to have converted a third down, with Kris Durham catching a pass down to the 15. But a holding penalty negated the play - and pushed the Bulldogs back to their 40.

So instead of being in position to (finally) push it in and take the lead, Georgia was out of field goal range. The next play appeared an attempt to at least get back in Blair Walsh's range, but it was tipped, and UGA had to punt.

Making matters worse, Durham got hurt on the play. If he can't return, what then becomes of the passing game?

The drive nearly stalled earlier after Boykin's long return. But Marlon Brown had a good catch-and-run to convert a third-and-8.

Then it was Carlton Thomas' turn, uncorking a run down to the 27. (Yes, Thomas is getting key carries in the fourth quarter, rather than Ealey or King.)

13:59 left in fourth quarter, MSU leads 10-6

Mississippi State has added a field goal, after a drive that seemed a lot longer than it really was, but could've been longer.

Georgia's defense finally got off the field after MSU had driven to the 25. A third-down pass to an open receiver was dropped - continuing a trend for the home team - but UGA will take it.

By the way, Mississippi State didn't even reach the red zone there yet got a field goal, while Georgia has had three trips further than that, resulting in its current total of six points.

But the offense has plenty of time to do something. Not to be a broken record, but it NEEDS to sustain something on the ground. A.J. Green is not walking through that door until next week, so the downfield passing game can only carry the offense - and I use the term mildly - for so long.

EDIT: Or Brandon Boykin could return the ball to near midfield. That helps. Best return of the season for Georgia.


Anonymous said...

richt has to go

Anonymous said...

richt has lost this team, he can't motivate them, they've looked bored since they stepped on the field - we should beat colorado, vanderbilt and idaho state, but that might be it

dawginutah said...

clean house

Anonymous said...

Seth, you picked a great year to be here...sorry

dawginutah said...

Look within? haha

Anonymous said...

UGA has now hit rock bottom. Richt and these clowns in Athens must go. Im tired of the Kool Aid drinkers and Richt apologists. Im Sick of eating crow.

Anonymous said...

3 million dollars for this crap ? Thanks Mark Richt but its time you and UGA part ways !

dawginutah said...

I f*@king hope he takes blame.