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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fleeting thoughts: After South Carolina

There wasn’t much that went well for Georgia on Saturday. Not when you only score six points, and the defense lets a freshman run for 182 yards.

Here, quickly and painfully, are the postgame grades for each Bulldog unit:

QUARTERBACKS: Aaron Murray was solid, but he needed to be more. That’s not necessarily his fault, especially if the coaches weren’t using the full playbook, as they indicated afterwards. Murray was asked to manage the game and not commit turnovers. Largely, he did that. But he also needed to make things happen with his feet, and did not. …. B.

RUNNING BACKS: Washaun Ealey got off to a good start but stagnated a bit. He also didn’t show much breakaway ability, and had the critical fumble inside the 5. Carlton Thomas only got one carry, and Caleb King didn’t play with an ankle injury. The backs also weren’t a factor in the passing game, especially after Shaun Chapas got hurt. … C.

RECEIVERS/TIGHT ENDS: It’s a lot to ask with the best receiver out. Kris Durham had another good day getting what would have been Green’s routes. Tavarres King got open early, but then couldn’t later. No one else was much of a factor. The tight ends aren’t getting involved much, which needs to change given the talent at that position. You have to give credit to the South Carolina secondary, which has some studs back there, and the pressure Murray was getting late in the game. … C.

OFFENSIVE LINE: The front five did well early, and Murray had all day to throw for most of the first half. But it couldn’t open many holes in the running game, especially on the outside. The line struggled as the game went on, and for what should be the team’s strength, that can’t happen. … C.

DEFENSIVE LINE: Gamecock freshman Marcus Lattimore had 182 yards, and while it wasn’t all up the gut, it did seem that way. Also, total number of sacks this season for the front three? Zero. Demarcus Dobbs was the only one on Saturday to even make a tackle behind the line. … D-.

LINEBACKERS: Their stats are good. Five sacks from this unit, three of them by Justin Houston, while Christian Robinson also recovered a fumble. Darryl Gamble and Cornelius Washington combined for 15 tackles. But when you’re on the field a lot, that tends to happen. I can’t really hold the group at fault for any major screw-ups; they were just a part of the overall problem. … C+.

SECONDARY: Bacarri Rambo led the Bulldogs with tackles – now queue up the cliché’ that it's never good when a safety leads the team in tackles. That’s a team problem. But this group was also as guilty as anyone for the day’s major snafu, which was not wrapping up the ball-carrier. The 40-yard catch-and-run by Alshon Jeffery springs to mind. Pass coverage itself was almost a non-factor: South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia only needed to attempt 17 passes, and he completed 12 of them. … C.

Well let’s see. Blair Walsh made both his field goal attempts, but they were short. Was Drew Butler sick or something? All his punts seemed low-hanging, leaving him with a 38-yard average net. Branden Smith totaled just four yards on two returns, and Brandon Boykin averaged 20 yards on two kick returns. The coverage wasn’t anything special either. … D.

COACHING: I think both coordinators would tell you, if they injected truth serum, that they should have made better adjustments.

Todd Grantham’s defense tightened up on Lattimore in the third quarter, but by the final drive the Gamecock freshman was running at will again. I know Grantham must have been afraid to stack the box, with Garcia and Jeffery there to exploit it. But you do wonder if at least stacking the middle, letting Justin Anderson and/or Kwame Geathers play more, would have accomplished something.

Offensively, the gameplan just didn’t work. Yes, not having A.J. Green really limited the passing offense. But as the game wore on and it became clear the offense had to do something, more flare was needed. It might have helped to see more Branden Smith, or to put Murray in a position to make plays with his feet, or get Tavarres King involved more. ... C.

OVERALL: Honestly, at no point did it really seem Georgia was going to win the game. You could say Georgia simply lost to a better team, which was playing at home. But the Bulldogs clearly didn’t help themselves, and have a lot of work to do if they want to beat No. 13 Arkansas next week.


Anonymous said...

uh... front 3 isnt really supposed to get sacks in a 3-4. they are there to take up blockers so the linebackers can run free.

Seth Emerson said...

"Jay Ratliff made a pro bowl for me and had eight sacks last year. You can make sacks in a 3-4. Trust me."

- Todd Grantham in August.

Dallas' ends also had six sacks last year.

Anonymous said...

C's for the RB's, OL, and coaches? Are you kidding me? Did you even watch the game?

Dawgy said...

You were perhaps kinder than I would have been, but I applaud you for a dispassionate and objective analysis.
I would have given a D- for offensive coaching and C+ for offensive play. Similarly, I'd give B- for the defensive coaching and D- for defensive play.
So, it's another way of saying that I wish we had the level of our O talent on our D, and level of D coaching on the O.

Anonymous said...

Bobo Is not catching nearly as much crap as he should. He sucks whether hes on the field, in the booth, or playing.

Blue Gill said...

My biggest disappointment was the O-line. I really thought they were going to be better than they are.

But I don't think SC is being given enough credit. They will win the East but at least we only have to wait until October 9th to see how they stack up against Alabama.

If Lattimore stays healthy I believe that the Alabama game is the only regular season conference game they will lose.