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Monday, September 13, 2010

Rambo harsh on himself for 'loafing'

Bacarri Rambo had a game-high 12 tackles against South Carolina on Saturday.

And the Georgia safety can’t stop beating himself up.

Rambo was very hard on himself Monday, criticizing his own effort in Saturday’s 17-6 loss.

“I was loafing a lot,” the sophomore said. “I’ve just gotta do better, because I’ve got a lot of guys looking at me as a leader. I’ve gotta fix myself with that.”

Rambo didn’t stop there.

“From now on I’m going all-out,” Rambo said. “I’ve gotta give it all I got. I feel like I was holding something back. I left a lot of what I had in the locker room instead of taking it out there with me.”

The big topic in defensive meetings the past 48 hours has been tackling, or lack thereof. There were different theories: Rambo said the team wasn’t swarming, while senior LB Akeem Dent said the team wasn’t wrapping up.

It’s a good guess it was a mixture of both. Either, despite being credited with seven solo tackles, Rambo was pinning the blame on the man in the mirror.

“It was just one of those days, I guess. I’m gonna try my days not to have another day like that,” Rambo said. “Every dog has their day, I guess Saturday was my day. I just can’t let that happen to me again, because it cost us the game.”

More from Rambo and other players in Tuesday’s papers.


Anonymous said...

That's one Damn Good Dawg! I was as upset as anyone with our lack of effort and intensity on Defense Saturday, but this makes me feel like someone else cares as much as I do...and someone that really matters and can make a difference.

We all have a bad day, but taking responsibility like that shows some real character! Let's get AJ back this week (I hope) and get back on track to win the East. SC and FL both have to play Bama and each other so I still think we have a legitimate shot at running the table from here and taking the East.

We, the fans, need to bring it on Saturday (and the rest of the year) to show OUR effort and intensity (and appreciation)!


Anonymous said...

I kind of got the feeling he and others werent giving 100% at points on saturday (esp on the lattimore run that set up their first td), but its really nice to see a player stand up and call himself out when it wasnt just him loafing... I hope others take a look at themselves like he has and vow to play better and harder. go dawgs.

Jeff Johnson said...

My question for Rambo would then by, "Why did you not give 100% effort?" I guarantee you there are PLENTY of other guys who would love to be in his position as a starting safety for the Dawgs. I would love to know exactly what caused him to give a lackluster performance in our first SEC game of the year...he should be jacked through the roof and playing his heart out. Just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I commend him for his honesty but yeah, this is SEC football. Effort is not something that should be coming and going. The problem is I don't know who's more at fault, Rambo or the coaches?

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am not sure he needs to be commended for admitting he was "loafing". Are we serious? He needs to have his butt kicked big time. Frankly, this whole discussion just makes me madder about our performance on Saturday.

So next week ten guys play hard and another guy gets to loaf? What the hell is going on here?

Anonymous said...

Lip service and garbage. Every player on this team knows this was a huge game. In the SEC you must give 110 percent every game if not you lose. If the players dont understand this then the program is in serious trouble in which I and many other dawg fans think we are. UGA has now tanked to 10 - 11 in the SEC, that aint gonna cut it.

Anonymous said...

I guess I can appreciate him for shouldering some of the blame, but c'mon ... how in the WORLD do you "loaf" in an SEC away game against a serious contender in the East? Can anyone imagine an Alabama player "loafing" against Auburn, LSU, or Arkansas? (Or any other game for that matter ...)

Anonymous said...

That all rests on the coaching staff. A player says he "loafs". It is unacceptable. The fact that we were sleepwalking through the first half rests entirely on the coaching staff. They did not have their players ready to play. Unacceptable. It cannot happen again.

AthensHomerDawg said...

off topic but, could be get some info on our injured blocking fullback please.

FloweryBranchDawg said...

Its disappointing about Rambo's loafing, but at least someone on defense is calling themselves and others out. This is what its going to take to dig ourselves out of this hole we got into. Especially going against a high powered offense in Arkansas this week. I guess we'll see if this makes any difference on Saturday!