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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Third quarter blog

0:08 left in third quarter, Arkansas takes 24-10 lead

Sigh. Another blown assignment by the defense, and Arkansas has its biggest lead of the game.

And it happened in a suspiciously familiar way: A receiver (this time Ronnie Wingo) slipped behind the defense after a Ryan Mallett play-fake, and Mallett hit him wide open for a touchdown.

It was set up by what could end up being the play of the game: Joe Adams caught a short pass from Mallett and darted around defenders for a 38-yard play. That seemed to suck the air out of the Georgia defense, and quite frankly a touchdown seemed inevitable.

So the onus is back on the offense, but I'm just not sure it has it in for a comeback. Not based on what we've seen the past seven quarters.

2:40 left in third quarter, Georgia now within 17-10

Georgia's offense showed some signs of life, after a hibernation of nearly two quarters, and it's now back to a one-possession game.

Blair Walsh's 43-yard field goal makes it a seven-point game, and there's a bit more life in the crowd now as well.

What was the difference there? Aaron Murray completed a few passes to get the team past midfield, opening up the run a bit. The drive then sputtered when Murray was pass-rushed on third down and had to throw it away.

It was a good start, but Georgia's stsill going to need more eventually. The lack of a downfield passing threat is really inhibiting the Bulldogs. And the defense needs to keep making stops.

7:50 left in third quarter, Georgia trails 17-7

Apparently a shootout would've benefited Georgia.

A defensive struggle? Nope, the current 17-7 score looks too much like the final from last week.

Georgia's defense forces another three-and-out from Ryan Mallett and company. Mallett helped them out a bit there, misfiring to an open receiver on first down. But hey, against a Heisman Trophy candidate, the Bulldogs will take it any way they can.

Incidentally, DeAngelo Tyson was back out there at nose tackle for Georgia, which is good news. Abry Jones has also played some on the line.

Run defense hasn't been a problem for Georgia this week, but it might as this game goes on, unless the Bulldog offense can start moving the ball and preventing the Georgia defense from being worn down.

It would also help if the punt return unit wouldn't get an unsportsmanlike penalty called. Sanders Commings (who earned a start today, at nickel cornerback) was whistled for one, backing the Bulldogs up to their own 12.

Let's see what Mike Bobo, Aaron Murray and company have in store for this drive. How long can the offense keep sputtering before the dam breaks for the Arkansas offense?

11:50 left in third quarter, Georgia trails 17-7

Aaron Murray messed up on the first play of the second half. Now the defense has bailed him out, and the Georgia freshman quarterback is back on the clock.

Murray's overthrow led to an Arkansas interception, seeming to give the Razorbacks great field position. But they celebrated dastardly, at least according to the officials, and were penalized 15 yards for it.

Three plays later Ryan Mallett quick-kicked - yes, quick-quicked - and it barely rolled into the end zone for a touchback.

We're starting to fall into the defense-good, offense-bad mode. Murray and company really need to matriculate down the field here.


dawginutah said...

mike bobo is brillant

dawginutah said...

defense holds once again... where is the offense? lets go bobo pull your head out!

dawginutah said...

a marlon brown sighting and troupe wow

Anonymous said...

Via Twitter:

We have matriculation. Georgia is matriculating down the field. It's a slow matriculation, but it is matriculation nonetheless.

Really? The Tele should offer Hale twice his previous salary to come back

dawginutah said...

grantham looks frustrated

dawginutah said...

defense holds again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

matriculation is to enroll in college...?

Anonymous said...

how many times can this coach look the ga fans in the eye with the wasted talent excuse
it is time for a new head coach
losing is one thing
being ridiculous is time for richt to go