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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some quick postgame notes and quotes

Georgia's locker room stayed closed for longer than usual after the game. After most of the team was excused, the players and coaches requested by the media stayed in the room, and it didn't open again for about another 10 minutes.

When we did get in, we encountered a team clearly refocusing its goals. After the loss to South Carolina, players maintained that their goals were still ahead of them, a one-loss team could still win the SEC East, etc. But a second straight loss seemed to hit home that the road ahead had changed.

"As of right now, our focus needs to be on winning a conference game," head coach Mark Richt said.

More quick takes before I delve into writing my game story:

- Richt on the comeback: "They weren't willing to give in. And that's the sign of a team that's got something to it."

- Richt also addressed what was essentially the where-do-we-go-from-here question:

“I really believe you just go back to work,” Richt said. “It’s just a real healthy thing. There’ll be moments for everybody over this weekend where we’ll be in pain mentally about it. But the best medicine we have is gathering back up on Monday, watching the film, getting rid of that taste and getting ready for the next opponent.”

- Todd Grantham blamed the final touchdown on a coverage breakdown, which he called the "theme of the day."

“You can’t say it’s one play," he said. "I think if you look at the game … I thought we attacked blockers better up front. I thought we were more physical up front. Then I thought we would play good, then we would give up an explosive play.”

- Aaron Murray remains a relentlessly positive person. This was how he summed up the offense's day:

“We started off fine. We had a touchdown the first drive. We had some good drives, I felt. We were moving the ball, we just weren’t finishing then. In the second drive we started slow then we were finishing drives like we were supposed to. We just didn’t in the end. We had our sparks in and out throughout the day.”

- Richt was asked if he had any comment on A.J. Green's suspension being upheld on appeal.

"No, I don't," he said, then added: "He’s a good kid. He’s a really good kid. A good person.”

- Richt said right guard Chris Davis didn't play because he was banged up, and also because he was the team's only backup center, and they wanted him available in case something happened to starter Ben Jones. (A cynic might say that Richt was covering for the fact that Davis was simply benched.)

- Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo addressed the lack of throws to the tight ends by saying it was the result of other teams stacking the box more.

"We’re getting more one-on-one coverage outside, and more people on top of the tight end,” Bobo said.

(We'll have more from Bobo on the overall offensive game in Sunday's stories.)


Anonymous said...

If Richt had any balls, and any sense of self-preservation, he would announce Bobo's removal on Monday morning...however, he is a good captain and will be fired with the rest of the staff at season's end. Just as Fulmer and Tubberville before him, blind loyalty, in the face of all facts will be his undoing.

Anonymous said...

Wake up! Play calling wasn't what lost us that game! Did you not see the comeback in the 4th quarter??? What lost us that game were the 3 uncontested passing touchdowns. Our secondary continues to give up big plays by blowing their coverage assignments. Richt will be back... Bobo might not... but CMR is going nowhere.

dawginutah said...

I don't know which anonymous poster is dumber.

JJBA said...

Seth, I'll go ahead and give you the coaches' quotes after every loss.

Got to give them credit, they are a great team. Excuse 1, blah blah, blah. Excuse 2, blah, blah, blah.

10 losses in under 2 calendar years! We are mediocrity at its finest.

JJBA said...

And watch the film. We threw 1 pass in the 1st half that didn't involve play action. When you can't run the ball play action doesn't do crap!

Anonymous said...

dawginutah... what do you have to say?

dawginutah said...

I have to say you didn't say it.

Anonymous said...

I guess being in Utah you wouldn't know how the people who matter within the UGA athletic department feel about CMR. He'll be back next year ++

80DAWG said...

Uh, I love you arm chair coaches. We are a team with an entirely new defensive scheme. A Defense not recruited for this type of play. They will improve. We have a freshman at quarterback and he will continue to improve. Yes, the d blew 3 coverages and we still were in the game. No, we are not at the top of the SEC! We are not going to win a National right now! I could see this kind of whining when we were #1 and layed a big one, but what you see here is the team many predicted. When you show me CMR's replacement then I will listen. Who do you prose is better? I will listen to real proposals. In the meantime quit crying. Geez, I'm a girl for God's sake. Man-up!

dawginutah said...

I guess you know anonymous... I am utah, yes that is correct. But I don't fly off like you do. I agree that there are issues within the program. Maybe Richt can fix them maybe not. I am not the person to make that call. I do know, however that this team is not playing up to its potential. I also know that YOU are not the person that makes that call either.

Anonymous said...

Did I ever fly off? No. I simply pointed out that the reason behind the loss was poor secondary coverage. And I never said that I was in a position to make any calls. I also think our performance suffered due to Chapas being out. That man clears holes and protects his QB.

dawginutah said...

Well its kinda hard to tell between the anonymous posters. All I know is that I'm watching the UT vs UF game and UT is hanging with an overmatched oppenent. Please tell me how that happens? Coaching!!!!!!! Players buy into something and our players don't buy in.

Anonymous said...

Next year we will lose at least 3 O-linemen along with Chapas, Durham, and A.J. Defense will lose Dobbs, Gamble, Dent, Cuff, Wood, along with Houston who will almost definitely go pro.

So we are losing more than half of our starters going into 2011. I guess that will be rebuilding year 2.0.

Anonymous said... your eyes, this is the team (head coach) that was ranked #1 and layed an egg. Are you the girl that when everyone is telling you your boyfriend is cheating on you says "they are just friends". Richt is not getting it done - make all the excuses you want. With one year exception, he has not lived up to standards since BVG left.

BCSAV said...

I love CMR and he took Georgia back to national prominence. However, I don't know what he is doing right now to earn his paycheck. He doesn't call plays, he doesn't use timeouts well, and hes lost the last 3 SEC games we have played against murder's row in Kentucky, Carolina, and Arkansas.

dawginutah said...

Murder's row... now thats funny.

Eric said...

This is the team that was #1? Uhh, you do now what year it is, right?

Anonymous said...

Eric...Uh?? you can read can't you??

BCSAV said...

Apologies....murderers' row. Still, those 3 are the best the SEC has to offer.

Anonymous said...

If Greg McGarity wants the Bulldog
Nation to know he is going to be
serious about his job he must first
Send Green packing.
Green has sold out his team and is
not worthy of the red and black.
Please tell me why he is allowed to
walk the sidelines or why is he even
in the stadium?
You can't tell me Richt didn't know
from the get go what Green had done.
Under Richt the dawg's have turned to
the ways of the FLA. Crimonoles.
Richt himself needs to be investigated

JJBA said...

I think we need to run more play action.

Anonymous said...

Hire DABO Swinney that guy has passion !!! Richt is done.

Anonymous said...

Dabo is pretty dumb but at least he does something. I say hire Mike Leach. If he cxan win at TT just imagine what he can do here!!

Dooms Day Dawg said...

Bottom line is that CMR is the head man! All questions stop with him. We have now seen the Dawgs go 2-7 vs ranked teams and 0-4 vs ranked teams at home! The talent level across the board has declined on both sides of the ball. This "Fire Up The Team Before the 4th Quarter" is crap! WTH were they doing quarter 1-3? I am sick and tired of the garbage the Dawgs display on Saturdays. It is time for CMR to go! For those of you who want replacement names: Muschamp, Peterson, Smart (Not 100% sure on this one), Skip Holtz. I at least gave you homers a few to toss around your CMR pep rally.

Anonymous said...

Dear Caleb King- please get healthy. Washaun is going to get Aaron Murray killed.

Dear Coach Bobo- do we have any pass plays that do not involve play action. Really, third and eight. My nine month old daughter knew you were going to throw it.

Dear Sanders Commings and Baccari Rambo- The other team may pass the ball. This is not a run only league. Please learn how to defend the pass or gain some weight and learn to play on the line. With as musch play action as you see in practice it should be easy.

Dear Coach Richt- We play four quarters. Use that speech before each one. Especially the first.

Dear Tight Ends- All four of you will end up in the Pro Bowl. Thanks for practicing at Georgia. Please send some alumni money this way when you make it in the NFL.

Dear Aaron Murray- Keep your head up. You are very close and will end up being a great one.

Dear Birmingham- See you in December. I really like pizza.

Anonymous said...

Weak blog Seth Emerson. Very weak.

Lose to an Arkansas team who is going to lose 3 games this season.

Our quarterback has 9 sacks in his first 2 SEC games, an interception, a fumble and 1 touchdown throwing and 1 running.

He also made a lot of mistakes

Such as we will be a LOT BETTER NEXT YEAR losing 15 seniors & 4-5 juniors after this season.

Uh, no we won’t.

And, we have a harder schedule next year too.

Our Offense makes every SEC team we play look like they are all Lombardi Trophy Winners.

In the end, as I said all along pre-game, we do not have the Offense to keep up with Ryan Mallett. We have played 2 SEC teams, and their Quarterback has been much better than our Quarterback BOTH times.

BCSAV, it is a LOT worse than Coach Richt has LOST 3 SEC games in a row to the likes of Kentucky, South Carolina and Arkansas. In fact, he has also LOST 11 and won only 10 vs SEC East since we last went to The SEC Championship Game. This is 2010 and that was 2005.

We are 0-2 in The SEC for the 1st time since 1993.

Where is KATHLEEN ?

Please start with your EXCUSES for 0-2 vs SEC

MauiDawg said...

Bobo is clearly getting out-flanked in his game strategy/playcalling by the other teams we go against. He had some good plays called on the first drive of the game, but as always...he flattens out in creativity and adjustments by our second and third possession on offense.

If teams want to stack the box, make 'em pay. Screen, slants, bootleg. Use our TE's better. Heck, just something other than predictable playcalling and dumb*ss playaction with no run game.

The O-line is the weakest link on this team right now. Forget about one of the best in the nation. They need to step up.

And whats Drew Butlers deal. Arky's punter was bombing the ball? That bad punt by Butler really hurt at the end.

Durham, King and Troupe showed up and had a great game. Murray did about as well as he could considering he was getting pressured all day.

On defense, I don't blame the coaching. It's was just some individual players losing focus on assignments.

These guys really need to get it together quickly.

MauiDawg said...

Anyone else notice a trend so far with other teams offensive sets. They seem more than happy to keep us in a nickel package the entire game. That has to tell you something

And it's sad the defense could not excute getting pressure on Mallet better than they did...I would've liked to see our defense stack the box more.