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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ealey not to blame for final sack?

To the naked eye, and YouTube, the Arkansas sack on Aaron Murray - which may have decided the outcome - was easily blamed on Washaun Ealey. The Georgia tailback appeared to whiff on a block, allowing Jake Bequette a clear shot.

But that's an unfair rap, according to Ealey's coaches. They say the tailback was told to cut low, as he did, and it was simply a coverage sack.

"(Murray) had two guys (to throw to) underneath, and they basically covered those guys," offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. "It was a quick-gain protection where you're cutting up front, and Ealey had cut the guy, and the guy got up. It was basically a coverage sack."

Bobo added that it was a three-step drop for Murray.

"You wish he might've saw (Bequette) out of his vision and he might've made him miss," Bobo said. "But there was really that you really could've done."

Ealey is actually getting better at his pass protection, according to running backs coach Bryan McClendon.

"If you see him from last year to this year he looks like a brand new guy," McClendon said. "I just think coming from that offense he was in, in that wing-T, coming out of high school, I mean if it was a pass route he was either play-faking or getting out on a route. He just never had to do it. He just never had to do it until he got up here."


gastr1 said...

Ealey did not "cut" they guy. The guy did not have to "get up." It was a matador block, plain and simple.

But it is also a bit ridiculous that Murray stood there that long on a short drop without checking his blind side.

Anonymous said...

"might've saw"

We have a real friggin brain surgeon running the offense...cannot even speak proper English....

BCSAV said...

Bobo is a dufus

Dooms Day Dawg said...

The comments coming from this coaching staff are becoming laughable. I hope CMR and crew find a way to pull out a W in Starkvegas. Talk about the sky falling if the Dawgs return to Athens 0-3 in conference play.

Anonymous said...

UGA internet fans, if not the worst they are getting close. Love to eat their own and destroy recruiting.

AwesomeDawg said...

Anon 10:43, you think Dawg fans on the interweb are doing more harm to recruiting than back to back L's with zero passion to SC and Ark? Try again pal.

WDCDawg said...

@AwesomeDawg Of course L's sway recruits more than stupid internet rants but they sure as s--t don't help.