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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Richt talks about Green, and what now

As you’d expect, head coach Mark Richt’s post-practice news conference was dominated by A.J. Green questions. Richt declined to comment on some things - like when he was asked if the penalty was too harsh.

On other questions, he was a bit more expansive.

On what he told the team:

“I just told them we’re gonna focus on this game and focus on who’s playing. Then we flexed and went to practice. We didn’t have a discussion. But I thought they practiced well. I don’t think the news affected them.”

When asked if he was surprised by the news:

“We all are very aware of what’s going on with AJ. Right now what’s most important for me is this game, so that’s what we’re gonna focus on.”

And …

“We’re gonna play whoever’s eligible to play.”

On how different the team will look the next three games:

“We are gonna appeal, of course, so we don’t know for certain right now. … If you kind of looked at us, what’d he miss, four games last year? … We’re still gonna run our system, we’re still gonna have guys that make plays. We’re still gonna run after people. It won’t change us a lot. … When A.J. is in there, those plays look a little bit different because of his abilities.”

And …

“We were gameplanning for him (being able to play). But the plan doesn’t really change. Like I said, last week Durham was in the game in a lot of the situations where A.J. would’ve been in the game.”

On Green’s reaction:

“He’s hurt. He’s sad. He’s sorry for what happened. He’s sorry for, you know, he’s sorry.”


Anonymous said...

Damn it,man! When will this ever end???? I am SO tired of reading yet another "I'm sorry" story...when will these kids learn that one must BE responsible for their actions. Really, AJ??? Don't you think someone will actually figure this out??? You put EVERYONE and EVERYTHING at risk for what...a few bucks??? Geez.....

Tale Dawg said...

Seth- Great job man. This blog is special! You nailed this AJ thing all along. I thought we were fine from day 1, but you kept sniffin' it like a true Dawg. Keep it up and welcome to Dawg Nation.

Anonymous said...

Seth, you were one of the few to think there was more to this thing than everyone wanted to believe. Good job.

If you can comment, what is your take on the 4 games and why so much.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I heard AJ's dad recently lost his job, hence AJ's selling the jersey to help his family out. If that is indeed the case, everyone can lay the hell off. The kid was just doing what needed to be done to help his family out.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Anon...if he was helping his family then really, can we blame him (literally and figuratively)?

For that matter, why in the hell cant they sell their jerseys? Right 0 cause agents/boosters would use it as a throughput,,,well then, set a cap on what they can sell it for...problem solved.

The NCAA sucks.