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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The coordinators weigh in

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said Georgia was lax in its fundamentals, namely tackling.

“We have to tackle. When you tackle, on third down you have to get off the field,” Grantham said. “From that standpoint of it, we got to do a better job mentally of finsishing off tackles. We got to a do a better job in the run game, and when you get them to third down you have to get them off the field, and you have to make plays on the ball.”

Grantham was asked to explain Marcus Lattimore’s huge game.

“When a guy has success like that, I don’t think it’s one thing. I think it’s a few things,” Grantham said. “I think what we have to do is continue to work. It’s along season, and improve on the things that happened today. If we do that, we’ll be fine moving forward.”

Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo was overall pleased with his unit, but not the amount of points it put up.

“We had enough in the red zone, to come away with six points in three trips, that’s disappointing,” he said.

Bobo was asked about the absence of A.J. Green.

“We’re gonna run our offense. He’s not here,” Bobo said. “I thought our receivers stepped up and did a nice job. You’ve gotta give South Carolina credit, they did a nice job of stopping us.”

Bobo also seemed to stick by the gameplan. Georgia finished the game with 253 yards, 192 of them passing. The Bulldogs averaged just 2.3 yards per rush.

“We felt going into the game that we were gonna play to our strength: The play-action pass and the running game,” Bobo said. “The running game was a little bit inconsistent, but I thought the play-action pass worked well when we used it.
And you wanna protect a guy on the road, you wanna do things to give him confidence. The bottom line (is) we were still in the football game.”

The Bulldogs also burned three quick timeouts, two of them on offense, early in the second half.

“Not good. Not good,” Bobo said. “That happens early in the season, but we’ve got to do a better job of getting the right personnel in the game. … It’s the little things that are gonna cost you on the road. Not converting in the red zone, turnovers, and burning those timeouts.”


Anonymous said...

Yards after contact killed the defense today. If this is the kind of performance that we should expect to see in terms of tackling, we are not going to win many games in the SEC. If you don't stop the run, you don't win.

As for Bobo, I'm tired of his conservative play calling to "protect" the young QB. Do you think that Meyers or Saban does that? Does Meyers or Saban get cute with the Wildcat when the passing or running game has brought you down the field?

This coaching staff had better make some corrections because the team coming to Athens next week will knock us out and run up the score if they perform like they did today on both sides of the ball.

Anonymous said...

Bobo blew the game by not using Murray and the passing game in the first half. Too D... conservative!

Dooms Day Dawg said...

The Dawgs were far too conservative in the 1st half, but everyone (including SC) knew that would be the case. Run blocking apparently is the most difficult assignment for our O-line to grasp. Year 2 of this mess. I expect to see a different offense next week against the Hogs. If not, hello 1-2!

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to our "Hard-Nosed" safeties? Hamilton and Rambo should be embarrassed. Also, what's the status on Tyson. I saw where he came out for a while limping. Anything serious? Grantham's D is not going to be successful as long as the nose continues being dominated by the center heads up. A SC center at that...

Anonymous said...

the talent gap has the guy who talked about our center.he is a sophmore good ole south carolina boy who whipped your 4 star't respect us we will take our respect from u ...see u next year where we will do it again.after aj u have nothing at wr..we have alshon.gurley.dl moore,sanders and