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Monday, September 20, 2010

Depth chart notes

Some notes from Georgia’s just-released depth chart:

- Tanner Strickland is now listed as the starter at right guard. Chris Davis was listed as the starter last week, but his 12-game starting string was ended when Strickland went in his place. Clint Boling played much of the second half at right guard, with Trinton Sturdivant playing Boling’s left tackle slot. (Boling is still first at LT, followed by Sturdivant.)

- Shaun Chapas is listed third on the fullback depth chart, an indication that his ankle will keep him out for a second straight game.

- Among other players who missed the Arkansas game with injuries: Caleb King is listed as the backup tailback, behind Washaun Ealey, while CB Branden Smith, NT Justin Anderson and ILB Marcus Dowtin are listed at their respective backup spots. (Smith is listed as the punt returner.)

- Jakar Hamilton is still listed as the starting strong safety. Shawn Williams went most of the way in the second quarter against Arkansas.

- Senior ILB Akeem Hebron is the chosen man to wear No. 31 this Sunday. A different senior this week is donning the number in honor of Quintin Banks, who retired with chronic knee trouble.


JJBA said...

I hope we see more of Tree this week. The ole reasoning of him not knowing what to do is why hes not playing doesn't hold much value seeing that our starting safeties don't know what to do either.

Anonymous said...

Everybody talks about how badass our special teams are. Yeah, our kickers are sick but the rest of our special teams are made up of guys that wouldn't otherwise get much playing time. Has it ever occurred to anyone to make special teams more of a priority and use our better players? We got burned on that botched punt by Arkansas. How about teaching Logan Gray to hold for field goals and block for punts and use him for an occasional fake kick. Put some of our big hitters in front of Boykin on kick returns to flatten the opposition in front of him. One of our problems is a lack of creativity I believe. Someone needs to try something new and be creative with all the talent we (allegedly) have on this roster.

JasonC said...

Seth, I missed it. I know Durham wore 31 in the first game. Who wore it in the other 2 games?

papa said...


I think the other two were Akeem Dent and Vance Cuff