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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Second quarter blog (updated)

1:21 left in second quarter, Georgia now down 7-6

Well, Georgia can at least move the ball on offense. But it still can't finish.

A third trip to the red zone results, for the third time, without a trip into the end zone. At least on a play that ended up counting. Kris Durham had a beautiful 40-yard catch and run, finishing it with a dive past the pylon - but it was negated by a holding call against Marlon Brown near the end of the play.

(It looked like a fairly obvious hold by Brown, but not an overly necessary one. Chalk that up as yet another mental mistake for the team.)

The penalty pushed Georgia back to the 19, and three plays later it had to settle for Blair Walsh's second field goal. (Where would it be without him?)

Durham and Aaron Murray are playing great tonight for the Bulldogs. But once again the run game has been inconsistent, and the offense can't finish drives. That's why they're losing at the moment.

2:27 left in second quarter, still MSU 7-3

What a run by Aaron Murray. The Georgia quarterback escaped a sack, and then another tackle, on third down to continue the drive down to the MSU 40.

This followed yet another mental mistake by one of these two teams: MSU jumped offsides on a punt - a punt! And there didn't seem any question about the call, since the linesmen on both sides threw their flags.

Both teams look in danger of unraveling. The good news for both of them is they're both playing that way, so it's evening out.

Georgia's defense, by the way, has tightened up quite a bit after looking helpless for most of the first quarter. But now that's something Todd Grantham has to ask himself: Why does his unit get dominated early?

6:56 left in second quarter

Just when you thought Georgia was about to go down multiple scores, and be in dire position already, it gets a gift from the home team. A couple, actually.

First, with his team driving, MSU's LaDarius Perkins on a trick play threw an absolute duck that Darryl Gamble easily picked off.

Then Relf committed a personal foul, allowing Georgia to start at the 26, rather than the 11. Relf pushed a Georgia player in frustration.

This after Georgia handed MSU its own gift: Bacarri Rambo wasn't paying attention and had a punt carom off his leg, recovered by MSU at the Georgia 45. Thus was ruined what should have been a short field for the Georgia offense.

Both these teams are looking like they're on two-game losing streaks.

12:52 left in second quarter, Georgia now trails 7-3

Georgia is on the scoreboard, but it's only a field goal.

Two trips into the red zone, netting three points. And both drives ended inside the 10.

Georgia's playcalling changed up once the second quarter started. After Aaron Murray passed the team down to the 15, Mike Bobo called two straight runs - and Caleb King and Washaun Ealey were stuffed on consecutive carries.

The third down play, a screen to Ealey, came close to netting the first down, but was lucky Murray wasn't sacked, as he looped the ball out of a closing pocket. Ealey might've felt like calling for a fair catch.

Blair Walsh, meanwhile, is now 6-for-6 on field goal attempts this season.

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