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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fourth quarter blog

0:14 left in game, Arkansas takes 31-24 lead

The game just turned two different times, and in a bad way for Georgia. This time it's going to be too late to turn it again.

Arkansas has a touchdown lead, as Ryan Mallett only needed three plays to pass Arkansas 73 yards into the Georgia end zone. The drive started with 47 seconds left.

It had seemed so good for Georgia just a few seconds before that. It had the ball at midfield, with 1:04 left, and had third-and-four.

But Aaron Murray was sacked from the blind side. Drew Butler's ensuing punt took a bad bounce.

Three plays later, Mallett hit Greg Childs on the left sideline, Childs cut upfield, a tackle was missed, and he was in.

Georgia's players reacted to the play nearly in unison, putting their hands on their hips.

A heartbreaking way for the game to turn, and finish.

2:18 left in game, still tied at 24

Georgia's defense answers the call again. Not only does it stop Arkansas, but it backs them up six yards: Justin Houston with a big stop on a first-down run (why was Arkansas running?) and Cornelius Washington with a second-down sack.

The Bulldogs may have dodged a bullet on third down, when Ryan Mallett had a receiver open down the right sideline. But he missed him, forcing the punt.

A booming punt by Arkansas' Dylan Breeding is the only thing that staved off disaster for the Razorbacks. Georgia takes over at its 34 with plenty of time.

3:55 left in game, Georgia ties it at 24

Hope you didn't get frustrated and stop watching at the 11-minute mark.

Georgia, which had scored 16 points the previous seven quarters, has scored 14 on the past two drives, and we're now tied with 3:55 left.

Aaron Murray hit Kris Durham on a long pass to get inside the 20, Logan Gray took a direct snap and gained a few yards, and then the big play:

On third down, tight end Aron White - yes, a tight end - hauled in a pass near his knees to get to the 3. Then Washaun Ealey took it in.

Now it's back on the Georgia defense to stop Ryan Mallett. Can they do it?

5:40 left in game, Georgia trails 24-17

How quickly things turn. Sanford Stadium is very loud, even with some departed fans, as Georgia is about to get the ball back with a chance to tie it up.

The Georgia defense, when it hasn't been buying play fakes and blowing assignments, has been very stout today. It was again on Arkansas' drive just now, forcing Ryan Mallett into an incompletion on a key third down.

Better yet for Georgia, Arkansas backed itself up before the punt with an unsportsmanlike call and a false start. The ensuing punt was downed near midfield, and with more than five minutes left, the Bulldogs are very much in business.

7:52 left in game, Georgia within 24-17

The Bulldogs aren't dead yet. Tavarres King and Aaron Murray hooked up on a 10-yard touchdown play - King squirming off of two tacklers - and Georgia is back within one score.

It was King's second career touchdown catch. The first one was last year ... against Arkansas.

King's play was huge, as it was on third down, and you could feel the offense sensing it was about to fail in the red zone again. King should've been bottled up by Arkansas, but he did a great job getting into the end zone.

The big play was on a 46-yard completion to Kris Durham. If Murray had thrown it a bit further, or sooner, Durham may have scored.

No matter, as three plays later King took care of it. Now it's back up to the defense.

9:39 left in game, Georgia trails 24-10

First off, sorry that updates have been kind of slow. The wireless in the press box has been as lackluster as the Georgia offense.

Fans started to leave Sanford Stadium a few minutes ago, after Georgia's drive stalled at the Arkansas 30. Clearly the Bulldogs had to go for it, but the play-calling on third and fourth down at that point was, shall we say, unsuccessful.

Georgia now has the ball back and is trying to muster another drive.

Two stats making their way around that will repeated often if this holds up: Georgia has not started 0-2 in the SEC since 1993, which was also the last time it lost to Arkansas.


dawginutah said...

is it safe to say that ealey has cost them 2 games in a row?

Anonymous said...

3 touchdowns due to blown coverage....

dawginutah said...

i hope i'm not in the same class as the anonymous poster

Anonymous said...

why call a timeout on 3rd down at the end? at least let the clock run down before. we only needed 15 yards. when did we start throwing deep, with no check downs, on 3rd down?