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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reaction time

A few quick thoughts after the A.J. Green news:

- An Independence Bowl jersey?

- Selling a jersey is one thing. But selling it to someone whom the NCAA defined as an agent is what took this to another level. It’s not clear if the recipient of the jersey was an actual agent, or working for one – the wording of the NCAA release was careful on that note.

- A few have asked, so just to be clear: The four-game suspension includes the opener, when Georgia sat Green, and the next three games. That's according to Georgia.

- Sometime in the recent weeks, this investigation obviously took a turn away from the infamous Miami agent party. Mark Richt said at one point in the preseason that he wasn’t worried about anybody having to miss time because of the NCAA inquiry.
What changed? Did the NCAA come into town to speak to Green about the Miami party, then stumble upon the jersey sale?

Georgia is appealing, so we’ll see. But for the sake of comparison, when Alabama’s Marcell Dareus had his suspension knocked down from four to two, it was announced simultaneously with the initial suspension. In Green’s case the four games have been announced pending appeal.

- I’m not sure this is quite the death knell for Georgia’s season, or even its chances at South Carolina. Yes, the task just got that much harder for the Bulldogs. But you’re still talking about a receiver, who may touch the ball 5-10 times a game, rather than a star quarterback or tailback.

Keep in mind, last year Georgia was 2-1 without Green, with the loss being the Kentucky game, when they scored 27 points. Green also had to leave the Auburn game, and Georgia won anyway.

Even without Green, the Bulldogs are better off personnel-wise for this week than they were the opener. At least they get back their No. 2 receiver in Tavarres King, and one of their top two tailbacks in Washaun Ealey.

Having said all that, if you were looking for an excuse to pick South Carolina, now you have one.


Anonymous said...

Great Freshman season. Missed 4 games as a sophomore on a terrible team. If Georgia loses 2 games before he comes back, fair or not, he will take a lot of the blame for being out of the SEC race not even a month into the season. There probably won't be much fanfare at his January press conference announcing he will enter the draft.

Kevin said...

I agree with your sentiment that one player a team does not make...


to say "just a wide receiver who will touch it 5-10 times" is a bit callous of AJs ability to change the game by making IMPOSSIBLE catches.

He turns incompletions on 3rd downs into first downs and INTs into TDs.

It's not the end of the world, but it's also not not a big deal

Anonymous said...

what's a death knell?