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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grantham shoots back at Spurrier

Todd Grantham dug back at Steve Spurrier on Tuesday. The Georgia defensive coordinator did it with a smile, but with a bit of an edge too, alluding to Spurrier’s “lack of success” in the NFL.

To review, Spurrier, after Saturday’s 17-6 South Carolina win, said this:

“That little inside play (we ran), the NFL doesn’t run that play. That’s a new scheme I guess. I’m sure they knew we’d run it. But they certainly didn’t stop it much.”

Grantham spent the previous 11 seasons as an NFL assistant, before being hired at Georgia last year.

Asked about Spurrier's crack after Tuesday's practice, Grantham grinned.

“It was kind of an out-of-left-field comment,” Grantham said. “I kind of took it more as a shot at the NFL. I wasn’t really sure if it was because of his lack of success there or not.”

Spurrier went 12-20 in two seasons with the NFL’s Washington Redskins, in 2001 and 2002.

Grantham said someone texted Spurrier’s comment to him after Saturday’s game.

“I appreciate his assistance,” Grantham said, with a wide grin. “But we actually knew what plays they were running. They actually run that play in pro ball. Our offense actually runs that play too. We’re kind of on top of our game. We kind of knew what was happening."

Grantham smiled again.

"So I read it.”

Stay tuned to see if Spurrier responds.


Keese said...

Get'em Grantham. Spurrier is just an insufferable a hole. Always has been.

Spurrier should just keep his mouth shut, especially bringing up ANYTHING about the NFL.

Also funny how he won't address any coaches or players from opposing teams

Keese said...

By the way Georgia fans...let's get a grip and support these coaches and players.

Most of the issues we had last year such as penalties, turnovers, etc appear to be much improved. The offense and defense are learning to gel together with so many new components this year. Let's show some support. There are a LOT of positives and potential to this team moving forward.

Have faith guys, the Dawgs are going to get much stronger as the season goes on, I promise.

Anonymous said...

Dang Seth, you are pretty good at manufacturing stories out of absolutely nothing. I am going to read up on the stinking Phillies.

John said...

Thanks Keese, its great to know I don't have to worry anymore about the Dawgs. You promise they're going to get better? That works for me! And as long as you're predicting the future of things you have no real knowledge of and no control over, what will the stock market do tomorrow?

As for CTG, I'd wait until my defense stopped Lattimore before I ran my mouth off about Spurrier.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right, John. Grantham needs to quit worrying about what another coach says 3 days prior and get on with trying to make his defense better so coaches won't be able to take shots. I find both of them immature here.

Keese, just like Spurrier should shut his mouth, Grantham should heed your advise as well.

Anonymous said...

CTG, win an SEC game for me. I'd like that a lot better than you exchanging words with a guy that will always win this argument by reminding him of last week's score.

Stuart said...

John and Anon:

You are both a bunch of whiners. Seth is doing a damn fine job. If you don't like what he's putting out on the blog-o-sphere, find another blog to read and rant about.

As for CTG, I'm glad he took a stab at SOS. To me, that shows gut and fire, something that I believe the defense will also reflect as the season progresses. Besides, the man is 2, yes TWO games into installing a new defense, with players he didn't recruit BTW. I watched the replay of the game and for the most part, I thought the D was in position to make the tackles, but just didn't. That's not on CTG, it's on the players and for the most part, they have all admitted that.

All the coaches, from what I have read have manned up and admitted that they also made some mistakes in the USCe game. That's HUGE for me, considering the past couple of years, all we seemed to hear from them mounted to nothing more than political cover for each other. So, lay off of Seth and give the coaches a FAIR opportunity to install the schemes and change the dynamic of this team!

John said...


Your reading comprehension skills leave a lot to be desired. Please tell me what part of my post was directed at Seth. Oh yeah, and what did I say that anyone with an above average iq could construe as whining?

As far as CTG, I never said anything about his effort, coaching ability nor the likelihood that he can turn around our D. I merely pointed out that it would behoove him to do those things before he starts mouthing off...just as it would behoove you to read my posts before commenting on them. Thanks.

AthensHomerDawg said...

I'm above the average IQ. You were whining. CTG wasn't mouthing off and Seth is doing a fine job.
just sayin'

John said...

AHD - Apparently, we have very different definitions of whining. Also, once again, none of my comments were directed at Seth. Have a good one.

Fielding said...

If Grantham was so confident about the plays USC was running, then why didn't they make adjustments to stop it. They played Tyson the entire game with no subs. Lattimore was quoted in the AJC saying that the defensive line made no adjustments the entire game. That is just poor coaching. I hate Spurrier, but Grantham has nothing to say to him after Saturday's performance.

the anonymous suckup said...

I'll match IQs with with most anyone, and John wasn't whining. He was certainly sarcastic, but he was not whining.

GatorsWearJeanShorts said...

Seth, you should start monitoring your comments. It's turning into a 4th grade message board.

Seth Emerson said...

They're monitored. So far my policy has only been to delete anything with profanity or that's libelous (the latter hasn't happened yet, hopefully.)

I do reserve the right to change said policy should things get out hand.

BCSAV said...

Seth, you are doing a great job. You're the first and most viable blog I read.

On CTG, I would have liked him shooting back after not getting gashed by one play for 3 hours and a loss. Scoreboard is the only thing that matters in this discussion. I could care less what SOS did in the NFL. That has absolutely no impact on Georgia.

Go Dawgs! Beat Arky!

Stuart said...

John-I stand corrected. I just re-read your initial comment and I see that you were talking about Keese. My bad.