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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Third quarter blog

End of third quarter, Georgia still trails 7-6

The story of the third quarter is Mississippi State's third-down conversions. There were four on the current drive - which is only the second of the half for MSU, and it's still ongoing as the fourth quarter begins.

Georgia, meanwhile, had the ball just once that quarter.

Georgia's defense just can't get off the field, and seems to be getting some second-half blues. Mississippi State is converting on a lot of third downs, and very slowly moving down the field.

Georgia's also been a bit lucky in Mississippi State's passing game. Between the drops and some missed throws, this could be a lot worse for Georgia.

You can't blame it on Georgia's defense being on the field too much: They were only out there for 10:10 in the first half. But from a mental standpoint, you do wonder if the offensive struggles are affecting them.

Oh, and leading tackler Akeem Dent got hurt on that drive too. They'll need him back, clearly.

5:18 left in third quarter

This third quarter has been kind of fast-moving, but not too much better in quality of play. Each team has had the ball once, and each team has punted.

Aaron Murray had two first-down runs, as he continues to be Georgia's best runner. The tailback production has to be a major concern for this team now.

Meanwhile, tight end Orson Charles caught a pass, his first one in two games. It was also the first catch by a tight end in this game. Charles was also the target downfield at the end of that drive.

9:45 left in third quarter

The phrase "deserves to win" shall not be bestowed on either team at this juncture of the ballgame.

Continuing the trend of silly mistakes, an offsides call against Georgia negated an interception, which was returned by Vance Cuff down to near the Mississippi State 30. (Poor Cuff, who still doesn't have an interception in his career.)

A few plays later, MSU quarterback Chris Relf got free for a run into Georgia territory - then had the ball forced out. Alas for Georgia, it bounced out of bounds.

Luckily for Georgia, the next two mess-ups were committed by the opposition: A timeout used before the first down play - a first down that, in a 7-6 game, could be important later; and a long muffed snap on second down that essentially ended the drive.

Georgia's offense now prepares to take the field for the first time this half. We'll see if the running game has any life to it, or whether the Bulldogs just have to ride Aaron Murray's arm.

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