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Saturday, September 25, 2010

How big a game? And what then?

Some links, and thoughts, as we arrive on the day of a rather big game for Georgia. But how big is the question.

My advance from today's papers delves into whether this game can be a turning point for Georgia's season - or sink the team deeper into the morass.

A loss, and the team would officially be reeling, with more state-of-the-program questions awaiting Richt upon his return to Athens.

But a win could be the start of a turnaround, especially with an easier stretch of games ahead.

“It definitely has to be a turning point,” cornerback Vance Cuff said. “We definitely have to take this and build off it. We’re in a position where we’ve gotta win.”

Macon Telegraph sports editor Daniel Shirley, in his column, believes things could get worse for Richt, which would be unfair, but is the reality.

It’s amazing how quickly fans can forget what a head coach has been able to accomplish with a program, and it’s interesting how they can overreact to situations. But it happens, and it happens with every team, so it really should not be a surprise. After all, most fans are a little unreasonable about their favorite teams and don’t understand when they’re not winning games in bunches.

That makes Saturday’s game at Mississippi State even more important than usual for Georgia. Reasonable fans will remember what Richt has done with the program and see a team this year that may be going through a growing season.

And my breakdown of the Georgia-Mississippi State matchup.

So what do you think? Is this game really "huge" for the program and Richt? Or is that overstating it?


Hobnail_Boot said...

No, it's not overstating it.

While Richt has certainly earned ample time to turn this thing around, the fact is that in this age of multi-million dollar contracts the time to turn around struggling programs is remarkably shorter than it used to be.

Georgia is a top 10 job (conference, weather, fanbase, facilities, recruiting base) and as such it can and should demand excellence.

Anonymous said...

In the context of a single season, yes it's overstated.

In the context of the last 4 years, it's huge. We were the #1 ranked team in the nation going into 2008, coming off the strong finish of '07, in which we could've beaten anybody if given the chance. What happened to that momentum? This team had to make some changes, I get that. But the coaching staff has mis-managed this team along the way.

No matter what happens the rest of the way in 2010, the pressure in 2011 will be even greater.

Anonymous said...

Mark Richts Boys Home of the South aint working. He won with Donnan players . 2007 team wasnt really all that good as we found out in 2008. Todays game will be the start of Richts waterloo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he won with Donnan's players. How come Donnan couldn't win with Donnan's players?

Did Saban win with Shula's players? Did Meyer win with Zook's players.

How many of Donnan's players were there in 05? Did you think we weren't that good in 07 or did you come up with this revelation in the last few months?

Brilliant...absolutely brilliant. LOL

Anonymous said...

Overstating. Mark Richt has a lot more good will than the Lunatic Fringe crowd understands. Most of them are under 25, lots of internet noise but no influence or prespective. Everyone has concerns and wants the best for UGA but the rants are embarrassing, not efffective. What they are doing is helping drive recruits away and giving ammunition to the opposing coaches when they go on the recruiting trail. Hard to understand why they cannot see this. Makes me think many of them are rival fans, good fans wouldn't try to tear UGA's program down.