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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Le quarter third

End of quarter, Georgia up 48-7

Well, the onslaught continues, this time with Hutson Mason at the controls.

Interestingly, Todd Grantham is keeping a lot of the starters in there. Well, most of them, and they're rotating in and out. And he's keeping the pressure up.

Meanwhile, the offense is being more liberal using reserves. There's Mason, but also several linemen, like Dallas Lee and Tanner Strickland. The injury to backup center Chris Burnette and sickness of tackle Trinton Sturdivant will hinder the line's ability to sub there, unless it wants to go deeper than the 10 projected to play.

Receiver Israel Troupe and tight end Bruce Figgins are also seeing some action. Don't expect the tailback rotation to go deeper than Carlton Thomas and Fred Munzenmaier - I don't think they want to burn Ken Malcome's redshirt.

4:25 left in third quarter, Georgia up 41-7

Georgia reaches the 40-mark on a very smooth, well-run drive by Aaron Murray, including three straight third-down conversion passes.

The final one was on a play-fake by the goal-line, which left Shaun Chappas wide open in the end zone. Murray hit him for the 2-yard score.

Murray had a couple more good third-down completions, to Kris Durham and Marlon Brown. The latter was a very good route-run by Brown, who spun his defender away, leaving Brown wide open at the 5. If he hadn’t slipped Brown would’ve been able to score on the play.

Murray has shown he can run, both on designed keepers and when he’s flushed out. Behind a veteran offensive line, that adds a headache for opposing defenses to think about.

The temptation was to say the Louisiana-Lafayette defensive looked worn down. But when you think about it, they were looking that way in the second quarter.

In some player news, Trinton Sturdivant hasn’t played, and hasn’t been spotted in uniform either. Georgia said he had stomach problems. Tough break for the junior tackle, who was supposed to test his twice surgically-repaired knee in today’s game.

In good injury news, receiver Rantavious Wooten caught a pass. Wooten missed much of preseason camp with a knee injury.

11:00 left in third quarter, Georgia up 34-7

Branden Smith got the ball on Georgia’s first offensive play of both halves. To open the second, he took an inside handoff and went 17 yards.

The drive stalled a few plays later, but Blair Walsh, as is his wont, sauntered out to the field and calmly booted a routine 47-yarder.

The subsequent kickoff was bobbled on the catch, allowing Georgia’s kickoff coverage unit to bury him at the 7. The ULL offense went minus-2 yards over the next three plays, setting up another short field for the Bulldogs.

As the blowout continues, we now enter the Hutson Mason watch. Is that redshirt about to be burned (at least for this year)?

My bet is yes.


AthensHomerDawg said...

I concur. I think having the young freshman get a few snaps is the prudent thing to do!

AthensHomerDawg said...

Boo-Yah! Can we call 'em????? Nice that Logan was on the receiving end.