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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Murray, despite himself, scores a TD

Halftime, Georgia up 31-7

It’s not often that a freshman quarterback makes a great play then gets scolded on the sideline by his head coach. But Mark Richt was right to do so after Aaron Murray ran it in from X yards out as time expired.

The key phrase there is “time expired.” Georgia was in field goal position, and if Murray hadn’t gotten the nose of the ball past the pylon, the Bulldogs would’ve come up empty. Richt was surely telling Murray just that.

But in any event, Murray did score and Georgia heads into halftime up 31-7. And it WAS a great run by Murray, who showed his dual-threat capabilities.

Murray bailed himself out there. A few plays earlier it was a ULL defender who did so for Murray.

The Georgia quarterback threw an absolute floating duck into the end zone, where a stocky Rajin Cajun’ defender camped under it. And with no one within feet of him, he dropped it.

When the ball was in the air, I just knew he was going to drop it. The old center fielder in me just felt it. Too easy.

After the drop, Richt turned around, taking his headset off, and shook his head.

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