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Friday, September 3, 2010

Ogletree suspended (updated)

Georgia safety Alec Ogletree has been suspended for Saturday's opener.

Ogletree was arrested Friday and charged with "theft by taking," a misdemeanor. He was booked at the Clarke County jail at 2:07 p.m., according to jail records, with bail set at $1,500. He posted bail and was released at 4:51 p.m.

A short time later, Georgia announced his suspension for a "minimum" of one game.

"Certainly it’s an unfortunate sequence of events.” head coach Mark Richt said in a stateement. "I’m disappointed in the situation and will continue to gather information as the case is processed through the proper legal channels. In the meantime, Alec is still responsible for a poor decision and will serve a minimum one game suspension as a result."

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity said Richt made "the right decision."

Ogletree posted a brief statement on his Facebook page around 5:45 p.m. on Friday:

"Thanks You to everybody that is standing behind me on this..... Everything will be ok on this end and this is the first and last time you see me in the news or watever for something bad."

Ogletree becomes the ninth Georgia player to be arrested this year.

He also becomes the third player suspended for the opener as a result of an arrest. Tailback Washaun Ealey is sitting out after his arrest last week on three misdemeanors stemming from hitting a parked car. Receiver Tavarres King is also out for the opener after a July alcohol-related arrest.

“This what occurred back in June. So you’ve just gotta sit back, look and see exactly what happened," McGarity said. "Mark made the right decision. So we just move forward. I’m sure these kids’ll learn from their mistakes and move forward. There are little bumps in the road.

"But it’s just something we’ve got to focus on, just continuing education. Things along those lines. Nothing that can’t be corrected. We’ve just gotta keep working on it.”


Anonymous said...

I don't condone the actions. But when I attended UGA, I didn't leave items I considered important just lying around campus. This should be an important reminder to all students to watch out for their belongings.


It doesn't matter that the items were left unattended - that does not mean they're free to be stolen.

Ogletree is an idiot, plain and simple. Ealey is an idiot, plain and simple.

Richt needs to get a handle on these kids. If I hear the "oh you can't blame him, he can't babysit them all the time" gibberish one more time I'm going to get a Gator tattoo.

YES you can blame him, and YES he can babysit them. If he can't or is not willing, then he needs to recruit better kids.

All that said I hope we win.

Anonymous said...

As much as I hate to see anyone with a gator tattoo...

Oh you can't blame him, he can't babysit them all the time! There. I said it.

And if you don't go get the tattoo then that makes you a liar, which in my opinion is much worse than kids being kids. Tell me you haven't taken something of minimal value that didn't belong to you like office supplies (especially when you were a kid). And people hit parked cars all the time and flee the scene (happened to me recently actually).

I'm not saying these actions are right, but these are kids that make minimal mistakes and (hopefully) learn from them. At least CMR is not sweeping them under the rug and giving the message it's okay to do it (like we've seen at other schools). But guys like you are buying into the media frenzy and blowing things WAAAYYYYY out of proportion.

If you'd rather the UGAAA pay CMR to babysit versus coach football (which I think he does a D*MN good job at one and as good as could be expected at the other), don't expect too many of those wins you are hoping for.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm sick of the media setting the tone of how "hot" CMR's seat is and how good of a job he is doing (or not doing). I challenge you to name one person willing to come to Athens that would do a better job. We are very fortunate to have him and we the fans need to set our own tone in support of the best coach we've had in a LONG time!

Andrew said...

I think we should commend Alec for considering "safety first." Helmets are a must on such dangerous contraptions as mopeds, and trivial things like "the law" should not stand in the way of protecting one's head from the dangers of Mopedaling?

In all seriousness, one kid dinged a parked car and another picked up a $35 helmet and didn't give it back. The team is not spiraling out of control. This is nothing compared to firing off automatic weapons or beating policemen. If it were, Coach Richt would dismiss the players. The punishment fits the crime here. Move along.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that, you know, the state is going to punish them, too, you know, if they're actually convicted of doing something bad.

Doug said...

First of all, we don't know that Alec stole the helmet. It was stolen and in his possesion nearly 3 months later. Either way, he will pay a price and hopefully learn from it.

I'm pretty sure the NCAA doesn't allow Richt to babysit these kids all the time. This incident happened during a time with little to no contact with the players.
In addition, if we did baby sit all the time, we would be producing college graduate (some anyway) babies, not responsible, mature men.

Keese said...

...lost/unsecured helmet picked up in the parking lot by a kid 3 month ago... This is "news"...give me a break.