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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blogging, chats, questions

A few quick housekeeping notes:

- Georgia’s practice is closed today, so there shouldn’t be any updates later. But I’m sure something will come up (it always does), and the blog will be updated regularly anyway.

- I will be blogging during games this year. I did this when I covered South Carolina, and it was well-received (mostly) and I genuinely enjoyed doing it.
Right now the plan is to use this here blog. If anybody has any other preferences, or suggestions, I welcome them.

- We will do a chat session, as Dave did last year, and will commence next week, either be on Wednesday or Thursday. Again, if someone has a preference for this, let me know.

- Feel free to continue sending me your questions for the mailbag segment. It’s hard sometimes during the week to get to all the questions immediately, but I hope to do a better job of that. In the meantime, the mailbag is a good chance to get to it. I can take questions on Twitter or email also.

1 comment:

Sean in VA said...

Could you ask Richt and McGarity how they feel about the discrepancy in discipline handed out at the schools in the SEC. For example the Tavarres King and Washuan Ealey cases compared to Matt Elam and Solomon Patton cases at UF. It seems not only are other schools sweeping things under the carpet, but the also publicly praising the kids efforts. I am all for the punishment Richt has handed out. But I think it gives the other schools a recruiting advantage. I think the commish needs to step in and level the playing field. Where would you want to go to school? Jail time or Pat on the back?