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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Green update

Georgia is still waiting to hear from the NCAA on its inquiry, and doesn’t know when it will get any word.

Head coach Mark Richt was not available after Thursday’s practice. But associate athletics director Claude Felton said in an e-mail that the school has “not heard anything from the NCAA today.”

And, as far as the inquiry, Felton referred back to the repeated no-comments from Richt.

When asked whether the school expected to hear from the NCAA at game time, Felton said:

“The NAA has not given any indication when we will hear from them.”

Georgia received a letter from the NCAA on July 22 notifying the school it would interview a player as part of an “inquiry.” The player’s name was redacted, but junior receiver A.J. Green told reporters the next day that he had been asked by Georgia officials if he attended an agent-affiliated party in Miami.

Presumably this was the same party that’s at the crux of a probe that has also involved players at North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama. And Green’s answer was that he had not been to Miami.

Green, Richt, and everybody at Georgia has given no indication they’re worried that the star receiver will not be able to play. But we may not know for sure until warm-ups on Saturday, or even until kickoff.

(Just ask South Carolina, which was still awaiting word on player eligibility a couple hours from its Thursday night kickoff.)

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