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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bobo still calling plays, King still the man at RB, and more

There was a bit of a surreal moment in Mark Richt’s news conference on Tuesday. The Georgia head coach had a back-and-forth for a few minutes with a radio reporter discussing the importance of Richt's religion, his commitment to Christ, how it helps him in the current situation, etc.

The follow-up question: Was Richt surprised to be such a heavy favorite to beat Tennessee?

“We’re a 13-point favorite? Wow," Richt said, smiling. "I hope they’re right. Are you kidding. But I don’t look at those things.”

Say what you want about Richt’s coaching abilities. But to seamlessly go from talking about his religion to answering a gambling question, well that takes skill.

A few other notes from the presser:

- Richt was asked if he plans to take a more active role in the playcalling:

“Right now that’s not the plan,” he said, then added: “I gotta be more assertive to say let Mike (Bobo) know certain situations.”

By that last part, Richt meant game management (whether they were planning on going four downs, go for field goals, etc.)

Richt then demurred, saying little, when asked about Bobo and the negative affect of the criticism he’s been getting.

- Caleb King has lead to start at tailback, despite the decisive fumble at Colorado.

“I do think Caleb had one of his better ballgames,” Richt said. “Certainly nobody’s happy about the last play. But there are some circumstances. That wasn’t your normal fumble.”

- And what of Washaun Ealey, who had but one carry at Colorado?

“He had enough ball security issues that the other guys got the opportunity, basically,” Richt said. “But he’s still a ballplayer. The pass protection is important too.”

Richt went on to add that when it comes to the tailbacks, “whoever plays the most has the most issues.” As in, the more exposure they get the more flaws that are exposed.

That’s a pretty nice way of saying that no one seems to be doing enough to grab the job.

- CB-PR Branden Smith is out this week with a concussion, and will be treated carefully, since he's sustained it twice this season. In his absence Carlton Thomas, AJ Green and Logan Gray getting reps at punt return.

- Has the 1-4 start affected recruiting much? The coach can’t comment on specific recruits, but Richt did say they would have some on campus for Saturday’s game, and hoped to show them a good game.

“I can’t say all the recruits are excited about what’s happening,” Richt said. “But most of the guys that we have committed love Georgia, and want to be at Georgia. And some of the guys realize it presents an opportunity to come in and make a difference.”

- Richt was asked to assess the offensive line: “Not good enough at this point.”

- Richt said he talked “once or twice” with Vince Dooley in the past few days. He has no problem with Vince rooting for Tennessee.

“He loves Georgia. But I think he loves Derek more,” Richt said. “As he should.”

- Defensive end Garrison Smith played for the first time at Colorado, ruling out a redshirt for this season. Could other true freshmen (like Ken Malcome) enter the picture? Perhaps, though Richt didn’t name anybody.

“There’s a chance that other guys would play,” he said.

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