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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Green on the NFL, Brown hurt, and coaches turning red

We didn’t get a chance to ask A.J. Green last week about the NFL, so we did this week. The Georgia star receiver was asked Tuesday whether missing four games this year, due to the NCAA suspension, would affect his decision.

“I don’t know yet. But I do feel like I owe some of the fans some more stuff, just missing those four games. So I don’t know,” Green said. “Like I said, I’m gonna sit down with my family whenever the time comes and make the best decision for me.”

Green could be the top receiver taken in the 2011 NFL draft if he leaves early. Most still expect him to do so.

Some more notes from Tuesday’s availability:

- There seems to be a new rule that Georgia cannot have all its receivers available for one game. Marlon Brown missed Tuesday’s practice with a sprained AC joint (shoulder), according to receivers coach Tony Ball.

“He’s still progressing, as I was told,” Ball said.

Brown injured the shoulder in Monday’s full-pad practice. The Bulldogs are hoping to get back Kris Durham, who missed the Colorado game, the first time Green was eligible.

- And now the coach-testiness section of the blog:

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham was asked if it would be a “small victory” if his unit didn’t allow a touchdown to open the game – which it has the past four. He didn't seem crazy about the stat, or the question.

“I don’t believe in small victories, all right,” Grantham said. “You either win the game or lose the game, all right. You either stop them or you don’t. So I don’t buy into small victories.”

So he doesn’t get hung up on the opening-drive streak?

“Do I get hung up on it? Well I wouldn’t say I get hung up on it,” Grantham said. “I mean obviously we’re gonna look to stop them, but to say I get hung up on it no. We’re gonna come out and play the next series.”

Earlier, offensive line coach Stacey Searels was asked how he would assess his unit this year.

“One-and-four, you tell me,” he answered. “I don’t think anybody’s pleased with the way we’ve played on the team.”

- Offensive coordinator Bobo didn’t name a starter, but it seems clear that Caleb King is the favorite. Bobo pointed out that for the first time this season (at least during the losing streak) the Bulldogs got ball-carriers into the secondary, and King was mostly to credit.

“He might’ve it three times, and Washaun did it one time and Carlton did it once,” Bobo said. “I think five times we made the safety miss and were able to rush for some more yards because of making guys miss in the perimeter, which was good to see.”

- Carlton Thomas seems to be a more of a change-of-pace back, it was posited to Bobo, who didn’t disagree.

“Carlton sometimes needs a little space,” Bobo said. “Carlton has done a nice job when he’s gotten opportunities this year.”

- Bobo said Washaun Ealey has handled losing his starting job well. Bobo called him “upbeat” during Saturday’s game, and has been the same way in practice.

“It’s showing a little maturity out of him,” Bobo said.


Anonymous said...

Seth --

What is your feel with how the coaches are "getting along"? I realize 1 and 4 would make anyone "testy"...but it seems that the coaching staff is in disarray -- and that carries over to the team. Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Green even *might* be back next year is out of their damned mind.

By the way, my word verification is "fanic" ... as in "fan" + "panic". Well played, internets.

Anonymous said...

Green may be making a preemptive statement because an NFL Lockout is a distinct possibility. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires at the conclusion of the 2010 season. With no new CBA in place, no new contracts will be offered, no current players will be paid.

If the NFL strikes, we'll have AJ for another season. If our coaches don't figure out how to do their jobs, all this will not matter anyway.