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Friday, October 22, 2010

A side note to the Green jersey story

There's a bit more news on Chris Hawkins, the former North Carolina football player who bought A.J. Green's jersey last spring.

According to documents released by UNC on Friday, and obtained by The Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News and Observer, Hawkins is considered a "runner" for agents or advisers. Hawkins was defined by the NCAA as an agent, then denied it in several interviews.

A runner is a common term for someone who helps recruits players to agents.

In addition, a letter to Hawkins from UNC alleged that Hawkins had "offered to purchase gear and memorabilia from University student-athletes with knowledge that it was impermissible."

UNC athletics director Dick Baddour ordered Tar Heel teams to "disassociate" from Hawkins for the next five years, according to a letter obtained by the newspapers.

Green said late last month that he only met Hawkins via Facebook, and sold him his jersey for $1,000 just for some extra spring-break money.

In addition, UGA school president Michael Adams has said he didn't think Green "knew this guy was an agent."

Hawkins, in an interview with The Observer, said he has not been paid by agents to secure any players.

None of this should have any further impact on Green or his eligibility. But considering it has emerged as the predominant story of Georgia's season, the new information adds to the record, which is why it's being passed along.


Anonymous said...

AJ made a stupid decision that cost UGA at least 2 of those losses. Now Caleb King will cost UGA the Kentucky game.

Anonymous said...

The only game King will cost us WAS Colorado. He is not good enough to say his absence will cost the game. Stop being so mad.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Whether or not Green cost us a game or 3 is irrelevant.

What cannot be denied though is that the Georgia offense is an entirely different animal with AJ in there.

Anonymous said...

I thought Hawkins was supposed to have his drug case in Morgan county last week. Any news on that?