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Saturday, October 30, 2010

From the locker room

The last question of Mark Richt’s postgame press conference was a simple one: How do you beat these guys?

“You win a game like this,” Richt said. “But we didn’t do it. We’ll be back.”

Georgia, as you doubtlessly know, is now 3 for its last 21 against Florida, and 2-8 under Richt.

Richt started with the perfunctory credit-giving to the opponent. Then he added one for his own team.

“I thought they fought valiantly. I don’t think anyone could question their effort, or question their competitive spirit. It was just one of those games where somebody had to lose. Unfortunately, it was us. But I’m proud of the players and the coaches, and our fans and the band, and everybody else.”

Still, Georgia is now eliminated from contention for the SEC East, which is now a two-way contest between Florida and South Carolina.

So now the goal for the Bulldogs would seem to be getting to bowl eligibility.

“I’m sure that’ll come up,” Richt said. “What have we gotta do, win two out of three? I’m sure we’ll be fighting hard for that.”

Richt said his message to the team now as to “just keep fightin’, just keep grinding.”

“We’ll come back home, and we’ll get back to work,” he said. “We’ll play Idaho State, play as hard as we can for the Georgia people, and then we’ll hook it up the next week.”

A few other postgame notes:

- Aaron Murray, who threw a pick on his first throw, said he may have been a bit too excited to play in his home state.

“I might have been a little bit amped up,” Murray said. “But that’s no excuse.”

-Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said the play-call on Murray’s overtime interception (which was tipped) was a dig over the middle to A.J. Green.

“We’ll have to look at the film on what happened on that,” Bobo said.

Bobo said Florida blitzed on almost every down, and agreed it was the most pressure Murray has faced all season. But he felt Murray dealt with it well most of the game, with the obvious exception of a few plays.

- Richt said Murray’s second interception, which went off tight end Aron White’s outstretched hands, was “catchable.”

- Washaun Ealey, whose health was a question entering the game, said his knee wasn’t “100 percent,” but was close.

“I tried to fight through it,” Ealey said. “Just go out there when my team needed me and try to make plays.”


Anonymous said...

Mark Richt is a clown ! He will never get UGA to the next level. Wasted time outs and vanilla play calling in critical situations. This was another embarrassing loss to the worst Florida team in 20 years. Im sick and tired of this.

papadawg said...

Anonymous is a clown! He will never share his identity when he calls out others. This was another embarrassing post after a loss to Florida. I'm sick and tired of this.

Anonymous said...

papadawg STFU . Im tired of you homers too.

JonathanW said...

The Internet brings out the cowards and the idiots alike.

Anonymous, you encapsulate both.


Anonymous said...

18 out of 21. There simply isn't any words to say about what happened tonight. I'm sick to my stomach. The only thing I can compare this game to is the phantom timeout game under Ray Goff. I'm just glad I don't have to drive back from Jacksonville after that knowing I spent money on gas and hotel only to see the same result. If Georgia fans still continue to go to Jacksonville they are either suckers or they care more about golf and partying than they do about the game.

Anonymous said...

Johnthan W. you must be a loser too. Dare not for someone to criticize the football program that has been playing like crap for 3 years now with the same crap happening time and time again.

Anonymous said...

Ho hum... another loss to the Gators. Dawgs once again are the laughing stock as the masters of choke. Its time for new ideas. CMR is a good man but its time to go in a new direction. Hope our new AD will make the tough needed changes.

Anonymous said...

there is no longer a reason to believe in richt other than he is a nice fellow

Anonymous said...

I am just fed up with this team. Coaches and players both. Turning to pro ball now. College ball is over as far as I am concerned.

trumely said...

Anon, you obviously aren't a true fan if your giving up. No true fan ever stops believing or leaves before the end. papadawg is obviously not a homer, and not posting with a name takes away any credibility you never had. I, for one, am proud of the effort that Georgia gave, and could not have asked for a more entertaining game.

Anonymous said...

Yes, CMR needs to go. He is a great man indeed but it is time for new blood.

As a season ticket holder, that will be what i voice to McGarity in my email. 10 years is plenty of time to get 'er done.